Audionote JP S9 SUT


50p and my best conker.

I don’t even know what a SUT is.


After a few beers thats the one to go for


Hopefully some stupid cunt will pop-up with a link to a cheaper one that I can also not buy :+1:


This will most likely work, and is currently only £2.98 :grinning:


Will you consider part-ex and cash my way?


Is it PAT tested? :thinking:


China Export (CE).


No. I think he was called Charlie


“Was” being the right word


Bump. Still not for sale.


I’m still interested in not buying this.


I’m considering buying this but I don’t want to upset the seller by not asking for a massive discount.
I’m thinking I might leave it a couple more months then offer asking price


Still no idea what a JP S9 SUT is.

Is it a car?

And if so, is it yellow?


I have not seen the thing in real life.

Not only is it not for sale it is not not yellow


I would love to buy this but I have no money. GLWTS.


I have also seen one of these not for sale at 60% of what this isn’t being sold for at


Is the accompanying data sheet also still not available? I do hope so.



I know a chap locally who doesn’t have one of these. Pm me if interested


Is there a closing date for sealed bids?


FFS, four people have already attempted to click on that link.