I have the original Vega dac. Reliability has been absolutely fine, and when I had a few questions about setting it up with Tidal, the company were extrememely helpful & prompt. Will probably be selling it soon, but it has been a pleasure to listen to.


if you are anywhere near midland audio , they are having a whole day devoted to auralic tommorrow 7th march


Thanks for the information, but, on a Thursday?

That’s very handy for the average working schmo.


I had a Vega for a while and was really impressed with the DAC in it and only ditched it as I got an ex demo AN 2.1 Sig.

I chose the Lumin U1 Mini over the Auralic G1 purely based on it looking better.


yes , not the best day i guess


FAO @Gyroscope, I have been issued this to turn into copy;

I’d tell you how it sounds but I’m listening to the Airwolf theme at the moment.