Aurorasound PREDA line stage

This Preda belonged to @Jim before he switched to the two box TBSP version.

It had less than a year of use, and has been sitting, boxed in my store room but it needs to go.

The Preda is an active line stage constructed around some custom made autoformer attenuators but with Aurorasound’s proprietary gain stages fore & aft. This means that the Preda has no effect on the source component and will not interact with the input of any subsequent power amp. Those are common issues with other forms of passive or inductive volume controls.

The Preda has 6 inputs, (2 Balanced) and single ended or balanced outputs.

Some reviews

Even before the most recent exchange rate falls, the RRP of a Preda was £11K

This one is £5500 delivered. It comes with a 2 year warranty.


Just to confirm, Guy asked the mods’ approval before listing this. glws.

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It you like ultra transparent and faff free…this is a must. Best pre/line I’ve ever heard (except for the two-box version obvs :grin:)

Ahhhhhhhh fucking fuck, I’ve had a hifi shark alert running for 2 years after hearing Jims and just when one is available I’m fucking skint.



Maybe Guy will take £5 a week for 1100 weeks…?


Always the way !!!

There is always something to be sold…


Can do £6 a week plus favours.

Why would you want to have to spend extra cash?

Dirty money