You, I like :smirk:


I like mine just out of the fridge. Cold icing mmmmm.


In the interests of full disclosure, I like to break down the Bakewell with a fork and mix it with double cream until the consistency of pate is achieved - in this fashion I am comfortable eating 2-6 kilos of Bakewell.


Its pleasing to see that we are a broad church.

A good quality custard enveloping a pair of tarts during the bleak mid winter is a thing not forgotten easily.


Is Bakewell on the way to Lopwell for anyone?




2 of each?


Have you noticed that if you hold two Bakewell tarts together they look a bit like ladies boobies? No? Oh well it must just be me then.


Yeah, I’d rather have a Sausage Roll myself.

Must be a thread there.


One at a time, one at a time…


Co op are my favourite so far


Sausage roll thread :+1:

I’d be all over that.


As a Gregg’s regular, can you confirm whether they offer an interpretation of Bakewells finest? If so, photo review please.


They do. They come in small squares 4 to a pack.

If memory serves, they were underwhelming… more frangipany than a true Bakewell and un–iced. I think I went back in to offset my disappointment with the purchase of an empire biscuit.



I think the more worrying fact is the adoption of a square shape. This is rong.


You have connected with your inner child


This makes me feel slightly ill…


Saves the effort of mastication. Efficiency savings allow for greater efforts in gluttony. The wisdom of simplicity


Pudding = Puff Pastry
Tart = Shortcrust

Going to have a go at making one