You, I like :smirk:

I like mine just out of the fridge. Cold icing mmmmm.

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In the interests of full disclosure, I like to break down the Bakewell with a fork and mix it with double cream until the consistency of pate is achieved - in this fashion I am comfortable eating 2-6 kilos of Bakewell.


Its pleasing to see that we are a broad church.

A good quality custard enveloping a pair of tarts during the bleak mid winter is a thing not forgotten easily.

Is Bakewell on the way to Lopwell for anyone?


2 of each?

Have you noticed that if you hold two Bakewell tarts together they look a bit like ladies boobies? No? Oh well it must just be me then.


Yeah, I’d rather have a Sausage Roll myself.

Must be a thread there.

One at a time, one at a time…

Co op are my favourite so far

Sausage roll thread :+1:

I’d be all over that.

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As a Gregg’s regular, can you confirm whether they offer an interpretation of Bakewell’s finest? If so, photo review please.

They do. They come in small squares 4 to a pack.

If memory serves, they were underwhelming… more frangipany than a true Bakewell and un–iced. I think I went back in to offset my disappointment with the purchase of an empire biscuit.


I think the more worrying fact is the adoption of a square shape. This is rong.

You have connected with your inner child

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This makes me feel slightly ill…

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Saves the effort of mastication. Efficiency savings allow for greater efforts in gluttony. The wisdom of simplicity

Pudding = Puff Pastry
Tart = Shortcrust

Going to have a go at making one