Just imagine if were still awarding cats to threads.


Stronzetto is so appalled by Heston’s conduct he has been researching suitable comeuppance…,

The blood eagle

A technique ascribed to ancient Norse warriors, the blood eagle mixed brutality and poetic imagery in a way that only the Vikings could. First, the victim’s back would be hacked open and the skin ripped apart, exposing the spinal column.

The ribs would then be snapped from the spine and forcibly bent backwards until they faced outwards from the body, forming a pair of bloody, shattered eagle’s wings.

No idea why he’s so incensed? For the most part he eats Aldi cat food.


… and gas mark 5.


Icing & glace cherries have no place on an authentic bakewell tart. Fucking heathens.


But without them Bakewell tart or pudding are shit.



Are you taking the fuckin’ piss ?





Oh you lucky fucker.





Just been looking at pictures of Bakewell puddings.
People from north of Watford are well known, indeed celebrated :roll_eyes: for calling a spade a spade, so how come they call a tart a pudding? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lack of educational investment ?


I blame it on the lack of HS2, when we have that all that southern culture will just flow over us. :expressionless:


I didn’t know it was going to Bakewell :thinking:


Apparently it is set to free up the whole of north of Watford from the doom and gloom of not being inside the M25. :rofl:



Nope, even Sexyvision fails to arouse - The bin needs this Albino ape ass in foil


Well, as they say, the proof of the pudding…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Meatman in judging things on looks shock…


That’s beside the point. My issue is with folks from the norf calling a tart a “pudding”. :smirk:


The Bakewell pate will win few beauty contests but I find it resoundingly gorgeable.

The first thing to strike the learned observer is the in foil tray - These often herald mass produced unlovingly made cannon fodder. Moving to the pastry it is either attempting to be flaky or it has eczema in either case it appears under cooked and unappetizing. The filling may perhaps be useful as a backdrop for the next Star wars film if there is any plan to return to Yoda’s gaff in the swamp. I could see this as a drunken attempt at a pasteis de nata but as a bakewell! Jesus, my shoe holds a closer resemblance.