Is your other shoe called Satan ? Does it resemble anything ?



The other shoe is a steel toe capped pedant clog


Reminds me of a song :thinking:
Fuck that, who would want a pudding that looks like that.
It’s not a dessert
it’s an ab…


I used to get better looking boils than that as a kid



Post eruption? :grinning:


It looks like the fruits of a circle jerk that got left out for a couple of months.


Ironically the name of Rick Wakemans first band


Not quite. It was the name of his backing band shortly after leaving Strawbs :roll_eyes:


Can’t wait, although should carry a warning relating to being only partially iced.


Not sure I agree with the Moist and Fruity description mind you.

Moist… yes but fruity? Hmmm.

Moist and Nutty would be more like it, but that is probably reserved more in terms of describing an old underpant.


Looks and sounds quite nice

However,the jizzed on topping would put me off


I can see through to the inner beauty.

This is also a first in the thread of being an actual cake. Not a pudding nor torte. A simple cake.

I will probably choke and die on an almond as I was bought this as a thank you for (not) doing the loft. :frowning:


Oh boy.


There is very probably a parallel universe where you have done the loft. That should be enough shouldn’t it ?



I think we theorised about this before…

Shroedingers loft. Until she looks in it it is both full and empty. :slight_smile:



To give an impression of size, measured against thermostatic valve head. This will be my unit of size going forward.

From above, the box would lead you to believe it was bigger than it actually is. No matter it feels substantial.

This is jam hot… this is jam hot. Cherry jam this must be the fruity element. Pleasant, but apricot it is not.

Taste? Ambrosia. Lightly iced enough for sweetness and a very almondy frangipan.

I’ll give this 8 out of ten and doesnt deserve to be made into a pate


I’d be happy recommending this to fellow meatists.


Looks like it’s getting smaller in each pic.


Literally… there is only half it left now. :slight_smile:


which I see is turned right up to 5. Maxxed out then … jam hot!