Pate or bust


Home made.

[Rubs thighs]


Looks great. I now need a piece of cake and a cup of tea, thanks!


Extremely tempted to get the Kenwood out and ready for action soon.


Looks fantastic & righteously devoid of icing & cherries :+1:

I have the ingredients in. I just need to get some of the baking beads.


Strong contender to bring to Lopwell.


Which recipe did you use? I considered a couple but then realised they had terrible reviews. (too bland)

Did you have to add any almond essence?


These are Ali’s handiwork, not mine.

Slightly adapted from this.


Yes, some don’t include the almond extract & apparently miss the spot. That looks proper.


Never knew of the existence of the bakewell pudding and am now supremely thankful that i’ve been on this earth nearly 50 years without encountering this abomination.

Bakewell tarts on the other hand are wondrous in all their guises, slices, iced, etc. I prefer the full on diabetic coma of the iced variety but will inhale several kilos of whatever variety is put in front of me though. Room temperature, or slightly cooled if you please if iced, could go warm if un-iced with a dollop of clotted cream on the side by preference but if i have to chip it out of an ice block with a spoon then it’s still getting eaten.

To reiterate pudding can fuck off, tarts, get in ma belly.


Rice in clingfilm.


Will try it.


The cling won’t melt and can be reused several times. Narelle finds the rice gives a better finish than beads.


Great Zappa guitar solo :guitar:


Haven’t I read somewhere that some types of clingfilm shouldn’t be heated because they can leach nasty stuff out?


It’s never done me any harm :crazy_face::crazy_face:


I dunno…look at your new title line…:laughing:


Do try to keep up Bruv. It’s been there a while now.

But when I find out who was responsible :rage:


This has promise. Just cooling.


Looks far to big for just the two of you.