Bastani Club 27 Amy Loudspeakers

I built these approx 18 months ago. I used the Club 27 supplied cabinet kits and some nice Jantzen caps and Mundorf resistors.They are a high efficiency (98dB) horn loaded speaker using the Bastani Wideband driver. They are incredibly transparent and dynamic, real ‘in the room’ stuff. They really suit low watt valve amps but are also good on class D. Needless to say they go very loud when given just a few watts. I never put a finish on the cabinets, they are ‘as glued’ plain plywood. The plywood is good quality so they still look good. The kit and parts cost £2000. I am looking for SOLD

More info here

I am based in Farnham, Surrey and can deliver within reason/petrol money etc. Happy to discuss.

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I’ve got a pair of Kurts smaller version of these.
They are excellent I really like them a lot of people have heard them at my bake offs. I think they go down well.


Ooops! Typo. Corrected now.