BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


BTW Jim, those Big K Briquettes are ace. At the moment, I’m just filling the bit up at the bottom and leaving a dip in the middle. I chuck half a chimney of lit charcoal on top and next time I use it I probably only replace 5 bits/chunks. It is really economical. You can tell it’s good because it leaves little ash, it all burns.
I still have a bit of the original box left but bought 2 more boxes from Nisbets which is the best price I have found


Yes, I thought they were really good - slow even burn, with no after-taste. :+1:

Not many places sell them though. I got a cheaper price than that by going direct to the BigK warehouse in Tottenham. They only sell direct to the trade, so had to pretend to be a restaurant owner and buy 10 boxes!


Yes, I saw that they were in Tottenham. Not much use to me now! I’d burn my saving in petrol, lol.


My friendly local Turkish restaurant has moved from the Big K restaurant grade charcoal to those Big K briquettes. I must try them.


Give them a try, I doubt you would be disappointed. I shut off the vents on the smoker after a cook and I am shocked at how little it uses.

I am planning to make the smoker even more efficient, I want to make an insulating jacket to go around it. Currently looking at this, which might do it on its own but probably I will make a sleeve out of it and fill it with Rockwool, which has a great fire rating.




Are you amused at my need for fractal faff? :grinning:


I think it’s the master tailor making a smoking jacket thing :rofl:


Bit pissed I can’t find any fire retardant velvet tbh…


Gammon, pan veg, bubble.

The gammon turned out pretty good on the smoker. It had round about 6 hours @ 100° ish, briquettes and three chunks of cherry. I removed it at 70° internal temp.

We went out for a while this afternoon which meant that I had to remove the skin and start with the glaze maybe before the ideal. Once the skin was removed the meat underneath the fat was a little hard and I couldn’t puncture it to ‘set’ the cloves. Subsequent bastings with the glaze kind of spread them everywhere! Apart from this it was good. It didn’t want for moisture.

Glaze was: dark sugar, water, English mustard, cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise.


Newbie at this. Sous vide steaks, machine and fillets from Aldi as a test.
2hs at 55.5C then outside onto a Waitrose retro bullet camping bbq to finish. Don’t think the barbie was hot enough as very windy last night. As we had guests who had been warned that dinner was an experiment threw the steaks into a very hot dry pan for 1 minute to darken them further. Inside was dry pink as the ladies are averse to bloody steaks and the outside charred and the unmistakable BBQ taste.
Acceptable results for a first go.
Will try venison and also monkfish/hake.




WTAF is it?


mine is a Landman but I think the Weber is better.


A future insurance claim.


Absolutely essential :+1:


just picked up for £150


Excellent price!


Fuck !! That is an epic price. We paid just over £200.

We needed to replace our old one at the start of the season, so couldn’t wait.


Share the love. :hushed: