BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


Will the charcoal you’re using maintain its output for the full 10 hours or do you have to top up?

It’d be useful to see a pic of the fuel arranged just before you light it.


Actually, it is cooking much quicker than anticipated! Currently the internal temp is 80° and it will be done at around 88-ish. Apparently most, if not all of the collagen should break down by 90°-95 and I should be able to stick a skewer through it and feel no resistance.

I use what is called the ‘Minion Method,’ which is basically fill the base of the smoker up, make a dip in the middle and fill that with hot coals. These hot coals light the others in time and you control the rate of ignition with the air vents.

Recently, I have been filling the water pan with cold water right to the top, and putting the meat on immediately, more or less straight out of the fridge. This means the fire has to heat the water and the meat and smoothes the build up of heat and allows the meat to smoke as early as poss.

The pic below is just after I have set it up and poured in the hot coals but before I have added the chunks of cherry for the smoke.


I would expect the amount of briquettes in the pic above to last easily ten hours. I have always filled it up and when I have finished, closed the vents. The next time I use it there is usually quite a bit of fuel left.
@murrayjohnson Which size Weber kettle do you have?


The smallest I think. I’ll check later. off out for a bike ride now.


Sincerely hope your xmas dinner will be done in the bbq


For sure! I don’t know who is coming yet and that will dictate what I cook. It’ll either be a turkey or a rib of beef. :+1:


OMG! :heart_eyes:

This might be the best thing I have tried so far. It had somewhere in the region of 8 hours in the end. It turned out super tender and definitely rivals brisket for that and flavour. The wide tendon running through it does indeed render down given time and a low temp.

It was an absolute trial getting this from the super-massive cunt that is the butcher in our village. He refused to do it for us at first, when Kerri first when in there on Friday. He said that the tendon through the middle wouldn’t be edible and it took a further 4 trips in there to get it off him, because he said it is an ‘hour’s work getting it off the carcass,’ and further banging on about it being inedible etc, etc. I can’t wait to confirm to him that his “gristle” is melt in the mouth delicious. :grin:

14 quid and it would feed 6 adults I reckon.


If you want/need more cedar for smoking (and can find a Homebase still open), I bought 5 x 1kg bags for £6.
The Homebase I went into was 20-25% off everything :+1:


Was going to do our usual fore-rib on the Weber this year but now have decided we are going to a lamb leg instead :+1:


I think the one around here has shut. :smirk:


I might try a lamb leg next week. The kids always complain about lamb but last week over at my sister’s they devoured loads of it. :roll_eyes:


Done shoulder which was superb but I really love meat on the bone and the leg I did a few weeks ago was epic ! Still pink but with a crispy, smokey bark.


Timings and temp please as that is the christener for my new bbq


Yeah, yeah, what’s the method? What’s the method?!!


140-150 for 75 minutes. Room temperature meat in when initial temp of 190 and allow temp to settle with the lid on. Once settled at the 140-150 mark add moist chips (I use Apple or Cedar). Internal temp for med/rare should be 58-60.
Rest for 20+ minutes. Only open the lid once (to add the chips).*

*This is for a large full leg. Using a probe with a remote display.


Will try, and fancy going really low with the temp now I have a probe thermometer. I have to watch how rare it is though because the kids freak. Middle Eastern spices maybe…


That looks utterly delicious Ritchie, I need to sort myself out and build a decent bbq and smoker and start following your tips.


Not tips really, more blundering along loudly. :joy: It was really very good today though, that is a great cut of meat and very cheap.


Shame your butcher is such a cunt, probably comes from being the only one in the area. We have one nearby, who will happily do whatever you want, but charges like a pissed off rhino for the privilege, and always, always tries to sell you a more expensive cut and tells you it’s more suitable.


The butcher here- he is right across the road -doesn’t recommend anything else for you he just wants you to go away and never come back. It’s weird and as if the shop is just a front for him being a cunt and not for selling meat at all. It’s Pythonesque.

His favourite thing is if you go in there and ask him for something and he’ll just say “Nope” in this triumphant manner with a rising tone. You then have to ask in another way to try and get what you want. I’m not exaggerating, he really is that bad sometimes. If he has people in the shop, he will actually go slower too. I’ve been in there half an hour before, just to buy a chicken. He could have a roaring trade there but he has pissed off all but the hardcore, so he doesnt have to work too hard.

He really resents Christmas, when he gets very busy, because “the people wot come in aren’t regulars, they just want to order loads of stuff once a year.” He hasnt quite worked out that these irregulars can’t stand him and can only swallow his shit once a year.

The nearest butcher to him is in Bethersden, which is 4 miles away or so. We use them too but because he is across the road, it is tempting if the shop is empty just to see if he’ll do something for you. I have no problem with the quality, it’s pretty much always excellent.