BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


I get gout just reading this thread!


Coming along!


The band of meat furthest from the bones is less tender (who knew?) But close to the bone it’s awesome - just oozes as you carve it. I’m not actually sure that top muscle is generally there if you get short ribs elsewhere but my local butcher is sschpethal! To be fair, he did do what I wanted, albeit with a sigh and a wait of 6 hours. :roll_eyes:


I love short ribs, slow cooked in Chinese hotpot/stew.


Yeah, me too. I used to braise them in wine and stock and truthfully I’m not sure smoking them is as good, or at least, as easy. The smoke really adds something but without immersion in liquid both times I’ve tried they haven’t been as tender. These were very good but not as good as I reckon they could be with a bit more practice.
I have imagined a version in the smoker with wine and stock which could be awesome …
I must make an insulating jacket for the cooker. It didn’t hit 140° which I suspect means that even though I wrapped them at about 71° they dried out a bit through evaporation. I think 140° (which is the temp I’d do them in the oven if braising) will result in less evaporation. These were better than the last ones and that is progress. They tasted absolutely fantastic. :+1:


Nice one. :+1:


Haha! Thanks mate. As ever, perfection is just out of reach…


Tried a new butcher yesterday. Didn’t go for anything too special (just wanted a decent chicken). Had some amazing looking beef in there, the rib of beef in particular actually looked pretty well aged, which is very unusual out here. Did grab a single piece of beef fillet for the wife to have last night and it was excellent.

Hoping if I throw him some more interesting requests he’ll be willing to accommodate.


That has always surprised me, given the French’s love of good food.
There’s nothing else for it. You must build a aging cabinet :+1:*

*This will also provide you with a facility to cure meats. All. Win.


Seriously thinking about it.


Just made 3 jars of fresh kimchi

Goodnight, meat dreams


Have you aged any meat Terry? Sounds like more sloooow faff… :heart_eyes:


Pretty much all of my meat is aged :weary:




My offal is in fine fettle though :laughing:


That is an offal pun. You should be ashamed.


Here we go :grin:


err…it wasn’t a pun. Yours was pretty shit though :smiley:



I’ll have you know, I resemble that remark !


Those short ribs are also good cut into thinish slices for a Miami or Korean style rib . . .