BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


Yeah, but you can leave it to sort it’s own shit out. There’s no hovering over it and checking every hour. Just - passive/active temperature control, filtered air supply and humidity control. Stick meat in, leave alone for a few weeks.


I’ll have to get a fridge with a glass door so I can watch it decompose. :+1:


This is a proper aging room:



There’s few of those in Las Vegas.

Our butcher has a much smaller one :smirk:



We have some friends coming for lunch tomorrow, I shall be smoking this bad boy. Can’t wait!


'kin ell…is that from your local friendly butcher? :smiley:


For lunch? What time are you starting?


Starting the smoking?


The whole process


Yes, from him. I just got a lecture on internal temperature, he says all beef should be cooked to 73°c. :roll_eyes: I told him I would cook it to medium which will be low 60’s. This set him off- with a shop full- on a tirade about food poisoning and how all these “fancy chefs up London” get in a lot of trouble “coz they poison their customers.”


I think it will take maybe 5 hrs at 80°, we will eat at 2:30-ish. I’ll start it at seven, which will give me enough time to cook it some more if necessary and rest it whilst I make gravy with smokey drippings. :heart_eyes:


What a nobber.


Loads of folk have stupid prejudices about the way meat is cooked…the wife of an old friend of mine, when she sees pink meat says “some bloke in Japan got a worm in his brain from eating undercooked meat like that”


I wonder what they’d make of restaurants serving pork tartare. And yes, they do exist!


Mettbrotchen in Bavaria is a raw pork pate spread on dark rye bread, it’s knockout.


I’ve heard of that, I seem to recall Helmut Kohl was a big fan


Lamb leg in 50 mins ago at 190, dropping to 160 after 15 minutes. Beech chips just went in.


Nice but a bit hard on your teeth I find


I did another lamb leg last weekend, it was ace!