BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


It’s become my favourite thing. Today’s…





Took 8 and a bit hours in the end, 5 chunks of cherry and Briquettes. I took it off at 62° internal and reverse seared over hot coals for ten mins. I got up early and stuck it on about half 6. Our mates wanted to come at three, so all good. I served it with Yorkshires, Roasties and a bunch of other stuff. I am really getting into Gochujang Mayo made with Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and today I also made some gremolata, fresh horseradish and new to me Sriracha mixed with Heinz Salad Cream. :heart_eyes:

This is the best rib roast I have done, hands down.


Your attention to detail (faffery, OCD ?) is beyond impressive Ritchie and to be commended.

I really do think that your forum name should be WaywardSan.


Having lots of fun the last few months with BBQ and Smoking meats, it really floats my boat. I like having stuff to obsess over.
:grin: :+1:
I was just saying to Kerri that not so long ago, I had MUCH less confidence in cooking meat, particularly large pieces. I’m learning masses.


Piece of piss :roll_eyes:


Well, I guess it’s not hard but I would have worried about buggering it up before. Cooking rib low and slow is much better that wacking it in a hot oven. It was more evenly cooked through, usually I get it over at the ends and under in the middle. That band of fat running through it was immense and the flesh really tender. Its a fucking shame Kerri’s family are coming for Christmas, I want it again soon! They go a bit mad if there is no turkey… :smirk:


Smoked turkey though…:yum:


Oh yeah! I’m plotting…


It’s not that much different from an oven. It’s about preparation and setting up the coals.

We are doing lamb this year (we usually do a rib).
Narelle has been converted to the smokey bark and the more intense flavour that BBQing gives.
I’ve got some Bourbon cask Oak chunks arriving next week. This is to be saved for Xmas :+1:


We usually have at least 3 meats at Christmas.

Apparently it’s against the law not to have turkey, and we all like a bit of gammon. So I get to choose the remaining one. It’s usually beef in some form. I fancy a rib joint this year, and agree with you that low and slow is the way to go with a rib joint, maybe a big blast right at the end to crust it up a bit.


We are still wet rubbing. For lamb we use; capers, anchovies, lemon, garlic, rosemary and olive oil.


I’ll be trying a gammon next week.


You’re always trying.

And, eating JRM next week will not change that, I’m afraid.


Enjoy your ban :unamused:



You would need to take a hammer to that meatsack for a week to tenderize him. JRM, not Terry in case I’m not being clear. Using the DUP for kindling would be nice too.


I did a trial run with a Beef Wellington today, turned out ok, but too much faff for Christmas day, I’m usually half cut by 11.00 so faff is not an option.

@Wayward, Ritchie, how do you get your yorkies so enormous?


I suspect it’s getting plenty of air into the batter.