BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


Air in the batter maybe one thing, I do whisk furiously. The oil/fat must be super hot and the oven at optimum temp, I,e don’t open the oven for ages when they go in and expect them to cook right to the same time. The trick to get them to stay up is to cook them completely and even slightly over. I used to get them big but then they would deflate and after asking a pro cook friend what was going on, she told me to add a couple of minutes to the cooking time. 25 mins in a fan oven at 220°C becomes 27-28. Don’t peek! Our oven door is dirty and I couldnt see them today. :worried:


I whisk like crazy too, and make sure the fat is smoking hot, but I can’t get them like that. Do you use baking powder or maybe self raising? I’ve tried both and can’t get them like that. Don’t get me wrong, they turn out fine, but I just can’t get them to inflate like that.



This is the recipe I use:

Plain flour, eggs, milk…

I get them out of the way early, so if I fuck them up I can have another go. Don’t try and do them with something else in the oven. If you do them right, they’ll stay exactly as they are when you take them out and you can just keep them warm.


Mine always look like those, which obviously isn’t a disaster, I just would like to make some really impressively massive ones occasionally.

Will try doing them in my spare oven whiie the meat is resting, and the spuds etc are in the other oven.


You need to add 1/4 teaspoon of salt to that recipe.

I’ll put up a pic of mine when I next make them


And use a deep base to line them in.


I put a good pinch of salt in and some pepper. :+1:Muffin tin ftw! Needs cleaning but this is the one I used. :grin:


I bought a pair of these…

If you need a pair I can wholeheartedly recommend them. They are actually welding cloves but are very suitable for BBQing. They are well made and the extra length is great when moving coals around.


I can just imagine drunken games of “catch the coal” - what could go wrong?


just don’t stand on red hot coals in a pair of Crocs…


I did that last year in a pair of flip-flops. I have never jumped so high!


I realised after the sole of my food was getting hot and I could smell the melting crocs. Crocs have quite thick soles so it didn’t go straight through, luckily.

Mind you I did take the shoe off, have a look and promptly tried to prise the hot coal out with my fingers - that hurt…


Jeez ! Even I’m not that stupid :smirk:


…and you’re the acting Dean of a university…ffs :smirk:


any way my error means shiny new crocs on their way

and Louise has these coming


Meat men - I’m thinking of entering the world of faff cooking. Would the below be a good place to start?


That’s a small grill area imo.

The Weber dimensions of 57cm (22.5") give a lot more flexibility. Do they do a larger one?


I know nothing about BBQ, but that thing looks like a drone with an eating disorder.

What could possibly go wrong?


They do a 24" but it’s double the money.