BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)




‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ young man


Financial Fair Play rules come in to play in my house. Especially as I’ve just done a skip full of pounds on a new Panny 55" OLED and soundbar


Heresy on here I know, but I’m a fair weather BBQ’er and so in that scenario plenty of time to save up until the frost and rain abates…


That Kamado would suit you very nicely, you could get a decent bag of mung beans in it no problem. :+1:


With a spinach and aubergine rub :+1:


The insulation with ceramic would be very cool but as others have said, I think you may want a bigger one if you want to cook anything bigger than a chicken. That is the same size as my Weber kettle and a spatchcocked bird only just goes on it.


I’ve just bought a Weber 57cm from the charity shop - £5.00. It hasn’t got a thermometer so 'll have to work that out if it’s needed.


Excellent purchase! 5 quid! I honestly think the thermometer in the lid is pants anyway. Get a digital probe one that you can leave in the food and measures at grill level.

I’d love a 57 Weber :+1:




We were very lucky. End of season, small charity shop (Cuan Wildlife Rescue) with no storage and Jan works there all day every Saturday and mid week every now and again. I drive for them to release or collect wildlife typically pigeons, hedgehogs and sometimes swans, badgers or owls. Price decided by manager before she showed interest to get rid quick so we don’t feel guilty.


Amused to stumble across BBQ specific residences.
Having a door to shut seems like a good idea at this time of year.
Any second home owners in the thread? :slightly_smiling_face: