BBQing tips

Fairly basic in the scheme of things but in case anyone is interested:

Reminds me,need some new knee pads


Looking good.

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3 and a half hours ISH, been mopping them every hour then made up a BBQ sauce I’ve slathered them with and wrapped them in tin foil, not quite there yet.

Grilling the veggies now with a garlic oil added each turn.


They were good. Not as tender as I wanted but I wanted to eat so the 1 and a half racks I didn’t eat are finishing in the oven tightly wrapped in foil.

Flavour is great.

They never became tender, Weber kettle for sale.


Rush job

6+ hours for baby back ribs is too much time for such a tiny amount of meat

Wife likes them, freak.

How much


I have been using natural wood wool and wax firelighters for a while now. I think they work well.

here are two main brands.

Lowborn left £14.48 for 200 or Flamers right £14.96 for 200


They look very similar

I compared them flamers 7- 8g the logbarn ones 9 or 10g

The thing is that’s about half the time of pulled pork and about a third of the time for brisket.

6 hours is about right and they need a foil wrap otherwise they will be tough and dry.

2 hours uncovered
2 hours wrapped in foil
1 hour uncovered
30mins covered with bbq sauce


The rib king has spoken. :+1::grin:

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They had 2 hours, then two hours wrapped, then they were in foil at a lower temp in the oven for about an hour as the charcoal had run out (Sunday and no where open to get some more easily)

Will try again

Easy one tonight. First a couple of sausages in a finger bun with bacon, smoked with mesquite wood. Then large lamb chops marinated in mint sauce. Courgettes and baked potato.

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Pics! :grinning:

Too late, they were lovely.

I’m off to the caravan next week and going to drop into Hayes Garden Centre. They have a massive Weber outlet so will be picking up more wood and fuel.

If anyone needs stuff for our September do at Settle let me know. I’ll be up there then too.

This stuff is supposedly natural and is useful in making pitt (bbq) beans etc etc.