Beautiful Things


Jeepers; looks more like a tortoiseshell cat with skinny ears.


'Giants Causeway’ - painting by Kevin McAleenan.


A young Snow Leopard practising his game face


Proud mum looking on :yum:


A thing of beauty. Did I win at the thread?


Someone’s 15 year old nephew spent a long time on that.


They could reduce an Alpaca problem…if you had one.


Hmm, not sure that’s part of their usual diet, but I’m sure they would oblige if presented with the opportunity.


Puma reporting in - did someone say “alpaca”?


At least we’re on the same continent now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Incontinent is not always a good thing :grinning:


Well, you’d probably shit yourself if you met one face to face :flushed:


That’s a big 10 - 4


This is the world's DEADLIEST cat. Seriously. Look at her. 😍

— BBC One (@BBCOne) 15 January 2018


Pretty much only them and coyotes in their native range that can take them down. They don’t significantly overlap with remaining jaguar populations.


Even if they did, the difference in the their habitat would make it highly unlikely that the jaguar would get the opportunity of a tasty supper


Unless it went to Malvern Kebab House :joy:


Are your alpacas Huacaya or Suri, Paul?


They’re cunts, Paul.


Good AA strapline :+1: