Beautiful Things


Haha, that is truly hideous. I might buy it for Ellie, she’s obsessed with wolves, a side effect of all the werewolf shite she binge watches on Netflix.


I prefer this…


I suggest


Crash dive of a Kingfisher
Photographer took the perfect picture of diving kingfisher after six years and 720,000 shots to get it right.
Photo: Mario Cea Sanchez


Tremendous ,


He could have done it in one with photoshop.


Reminds me of a line from Ted Hughes: ‘There is no sophistry in my body’

He was talking about a hawk, but the sense is the same; beautiful, focused and deadly


Brought a tear to the eyes of this jaded, cynical old bastard.


Superb photo of PALLAS’S CAT from Xinjiang, northwest China


As fully grown adults, they are the most magnificent creatures on the planet. However as cubs they can also be the most endearing too



Where is Keith Flint?:exploding_head:


In the burns unit?


Sounds shit.


A Cassini special from 2005


No idea what this is, an anemone? Found it on the beach today. Pretty.


Looks like a strange saggy tit to me. :thinking:

Someone clever probably knows what it is …


Terry’s chocolate orange?


Yeah, we needed someone clever, but you popped up…


It’s a rare sea strawberry. Seen only during the month of April, they are worth ££££’s