Beautiful Things


Shamelessly stolen from PFM:


Shamelessly stolen from NASA :grinning:

This is the remastered image itself

This is an amazing image as well and one I haven’t seen before - taken by the robotic Lunar Orbiter I two years before the famous one


NGC 4321 - a truly mind-bending estimate of 100 billion stars



82km wide ice-filled Korolev crater on Mars taken by the ESA’s Mars Express mission


That’s not water ice, surely must be CO2?


Maybe not ?




Now all we need is a suitably cheap barn nearby.



It’ll probably be quicker than getting to Lopwell for me.



great news , forced marriage is quite a problem


Forgot I had this. One of the trucks in work was parked inside overnight. A mixture of oil and water dripping down.


Hull planking.


Sounds like Yorkshire foreplay


Sams first fish tank with fish and stuff.


You said it was going to be tropical… I feel cheated :confused:


Did I? I’ve slept since then and forgotten obviously!



Worked on those ugly things. They were a bitch to work on.


Stunning though ! Remember the day after the Prestwick airshow when I was a kid, helping out clearing up, and the phantom did a proper low pass with the burners on :sunglasses: