Bed bugs?

Anyone know what the attached photos show please? Found it on my arm :face_vomiting:

Body length is 1mm, total length including legs is 2mm. I’m assuming a bed bug…




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I said it was on my arm, not sticking its head out through my stomach.

Tick, not a bed bug. Google search images of bed bugs.

You found the mother…


Are you agreeing with him?


I think that’s a tic. Once again, spelling matters.


Are you trying to make me cross?

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Yea, had one there.

Thanks everyone - both for the insights (it’s a tick) and for the irrelevant but highly entertaining comments. Always a pleasure.

Look out for a rash, get early treatment if needed

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Was it tasty?

Thanks for the heads up - I’ll keep an eye out.

It’s stuck in a bit of folded over sellotape. I’m going to let it get a bit gamey & then grate it over an omelette.

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you don`t hear so much about bed bugs these days but some old colleagues used to tell of the horror stories of squashing them in the wallpaper and putting the legs of the bed in something to stop them climbing up

more recently , one of my family who has a house of multiple occupation and rents often to homeless guys . had a major infection with bed bugs and had to have the place fumigated !!

glad yours was not a bed bug though !!