Best ply for a layered plinth

I have bought a Denon PD-1000 and need to build a layered plinth for it, what is the best ply to use? Indeed does it even matter?

Bamboo board may be worth a look in terms of layered plinth - it has better capabilities for resonance

Thank that sounds good, where could I source bamboo board? Is it reasonably easy to work with?

I may be starting the obvious to you, but any ply in cheapness below birch ply has uneven layers and will look awful. The standard birch ply, at about £70 for an 8*4 25mm board, is your starting point.

This thread on AoS might be of interest.

That looks great, thanks for that.

If the footprint you are planning is less than 440 x 440
then I have some second hand 24mm baltic birch that is is available
Eight bits - four with large hole and four without -

To Adams point - Agree cheap ply is not a good idea
the difference in photos below top photo cheap plywood example

If the size and condition of my stuff is workable for you - let me know

There are a few small screw holes though

Old tea crates are the best…

…ply foo tea.



Thanks for the generous offer Andy, but as I will be using the Jelco 12" it will need to be around 600 x 450.

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Kitchen work top bamboo.
Available from kitchen work top places

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OK no Problem - I thought it might have been a bit small for you

Just had a thought, has anyone ever tried casting a plinth? Could be interesting, different density concrete mixes, once the shutter is made the world is your lobster :ok_hand:

Good idea!

With high mass plinths being de rigueur, how much scrap lead have you got?

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I was thinking pig iron :grinning:

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Must be Zebrano…

I had zebrano speakers,a bit to busy for my delicate eyes.

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