Best way to open up a snell

A friend has a snell J with no tweeter output. Drivers seem to be bonded in, what’s the best way to open them up?

The drivers were sealed with a kind of white putty. The tip of a corkscrew in one of the bolt holes should allow the bass driver to be eased out & then some pressure can be applied to the back of the Tonegen(?) tweeter. They will come out but it’s sticky, tacky stuff the sealant.

Fantastic thank you Guy. :+1:

I’ve tried that and pulled at all 4 holes as hard as I can (and I’m a strong enough chap).
Seems like there’s a black sealant of some sort. Wonder if the drivers have been out and back in again with a different kind of bonding agent…

They did sometimes use a black version of the putty but I think it was basically the same stuff. It will come if you can get enough purchase in one of the holes.

Wednesday came early .