Binding post issue

Having ordered banana plugs I have just realised my 80s Technics integrated has these things on the back, which took bare wire held in by a twist of the plastic lug.

Is there any better way? Replace? Different type of plug? I don’t really want to ram some bare litz wire in there.


Title typo?

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Thinking back to my student amp, that is your only choice.

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Surely bare wire is better than any plug. If there is any difference. Not that my ears could tell.

It’s sorted. Bare wire. Just a little messy when the speaker wire has a fine litz braiding.

It’s all working. Just got to remember how to wire up a tape deck and graphic equaliser now! I have a screen shot somewhere.
The bedroom system (charity shop AE aegis speakers and old technics cd) is sounding pretty good!).


Tin the wires - :ram: them in

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Out to in and in to out

It’s all this palava next.

Bin the graphics

Did anyone ever bother using them in the 70s/80s?

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It was a raffle prize at the other place, my first Scalford (along with a cassette deck).

More for shits, giggles and curiosity. I can’t see it staying.
The cd sounds bloody good out the speakers, which is surprising as they are against a wall, in a corner, and 80s DAC reasons.

I’m curious to play a few old cassettes to see if they melt as they turn. I need about a million cables and more patience, so it’s just cd for now.

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Which is why expensive ‘audiophile’ foo interconnects did not exist back in the day.