Binned Tidal so where next

Ok today had an alcohol induced hissy fit because Tidal of late and and my Cambridge 851n are not getting on. I spat my dum and cancelled my subscription without a plan B so my question guys what’s the latest and greatest streaming service been with Tidal pretty much from day one so no experience of any others.

Spotify for catalogue, Qobuz for SQ.


The 851n has an issue that I reported months ago, where when you paused it hung the whole streamer. The CA guys said they were aware of it and would issue a fix.
They didn’t, I got bored with waiting, also got pissed off with MQA on Tidal so moved to Qobuz.
It doesn’t have a ‘connect’ facility like Spotify or Tidal but works fine through the Stream Magic app.

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I wonder how come the 851n has a problem, but the older CXN v1 doesn’t ?

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I can’t remember all the details but it happened either after an update from Tidal (more likely) or one from CA.
If I knew why I would have Ed’s job :grinning:

FWIW Spotify are supposed to be getting “hi res” or at least CD quality later in the year :man_shrugging:

They have been saying that for ages,
If and when it happens I would go back to Spotify in a flash.

I could also be a Spotify tech person.
I have a project at work that has been on my to do list for 6 years, it is happening ‘later this year’ :grinning:
(Well that is what I said on my PDR)


Play records or CDs problem solved.
And you can claim to be retro while doing it


I use Qobuz. Honestly given the state of my audio equipment I have no idea why. Because of reasons I guess.

There’s no Rammstein, and no Black Belt Eagle Scout, which gives me the sad.

Spotify ftw

Rammstein matters !

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Yep! Bloody bastards did an exclusive to Spotify though :sob:

It’s one of the reasons I use Tidal and Spotify

I actually saw an advert for Deezer a couple of weeks ago.

Deezer was the first streaming service I ever subbed to because they were the first to integrate into LMS.

Lol haven’t owned a CD player for many years
Streaming mostly, vinyl when I find time to have a proper listening session.

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Never heard of it.

Not an it, a them
They play very loud with flamethrowers

Probably not something to consider then

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Because all their lyrics are in German, I also don’t have to worry about what language the kids might pick up if I play it around them.