My son won a photo competition, which comes with £150 in Opticron vouchers. I’m guessing that he should get a pair of binoculars.

I have some indifferent Celestron 10x50. I think he should get some 8x32 or so, for a nicely portable pair for birds and wildlife. Something like these:

Slightly over budget, but meh.

Any thoughts on which to get? Alternatively, would a field scope make good sense? It’s for wildlife exclusively.

20 x 80 observation bins, something different.

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I think there was thread on this previously and @pmac made some suggestions

Those bins look decent for the money. I would go for the 8 x 32 rather than the 10 x 32 for better light gathering.

Don’t be tempted by a scope for similar money, the bins will be a much better buy.

I’m selling a scope when I get round to listing it but it will be nearer £1k

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This is great advice, the bins are a lot more general use and Opticron are a good manufacturer…

And a quick shout out to Opticron, who have happily sent out the £179 ones when the voucher was for £150, and they are covering the extra cost. Good stuff.