Bluetooth earbuds

Recommendations please - my wife wants some for her birthday - she listens to podcasts whilst walking. I have no clue what to buy. She said “no need to spend a fortune, no audiophile sound quality required”. How sensible.

I just got Mrs sjs a pair of Sony wf-1000xm3


The Cambridge Audio ones with the unfortunate name are good as are the B&W ones although they’re quite spendy.

For podcasts I would get bone conductive headphones so you can hear what’s going on around you and the sound quality doesn’t matter.

These can be had for £40ish on Amazon, I have a pair for traveling and they work really well.

I use these. Great battery life and good SQ for the money. Looks like they have a £6 off voucher running at the moment too.

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Cheap bone conduction ones will be fine for this

As long as they have no cable…do you have any recommendations please?

She said she would like me to get those.

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I bought these for Claire

£13.32 54%OFF | AIKSWE Bone Conduction Headphones Wireless Sports Earphone Bluetooth-Compatible Headset Hands-free With Microphone For Running

They’re fine for running and pottering about listening to mainly voice stuff.

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Looks like I’ll plump for Earfun. £10 voucher code at Richers this weekend too. Thanks for the recommendations everyone.

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