Bluetooth reversing cameras

Mrs JB wants reversing sensors fitted to the car, I believe Bluetooth reversing cameras that use your phone as a monitor can be bought quite cheaply, which would mean (hopefully little or no wiring). Anyone have any knowledge or experience?

Has anyone tried this yet?

As this is the slaughterhouse and it’s the forum duty to piss on peoples chips, here goes…
I believe it is an MOT requirement that if fitted, rearview camera systems are seen to work by the tester. It may cause issues if the tester clocks the cameras and fails you because there is no phone in the car.

have a lovely day…

Where did you get that pearl of wisdom from?

Sounds like bollocks.

Need @PapaLazarou


Total shite


My guess is a half decent driver won’t need one

Yep, what’s wrong with mirrors?


Everything is so back to front with mirrors though :confused:

If you can’t reverse without a fucking camera you shouldn’t be driving IMO.