Bluetooth turntables

Thinking about getting my boy a Bluetooth turntable for Christmas ( he has asked as he wants to play singles) he’s 10.

Are they any good ?
Which ones has anybody used/heard


Which one did you hear Rob?

None, it was just a stab in the dark.



For singles you need this…

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Too bulky

Heard the vertical project one at Bristol.
Afraid I took no interest in it or how it sounded.

How about the Audio Technica AT-LP120XBT. Looks like a Technics SL1210. It has Bluetooth, built in phono stage, has direct drive and is manual. £330.

There is a cheaper fully automatic belt drive Bluetooth deck by Audio Technica @ £190. The AT-160XBT.

There is a Sony PD-LX310BT @ £190. This is belt drive but fully automatic.

I have heard a non Bluetooth Audio Technica direct drive and it sounded ok.

I like the look of the first Audio Technica.


Thanks Dean , the second at one is what I’ve been looking at won’t need a phono stage as it will just be for a Bluetooth speaker. Theycan and listen to the main system if they want decent …

It’s to go in their lounge

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I might see if richer sounds do them and book a listen

I’ve got a gyro for sale if he’s been good this year ?

I’ve also got an Amazon he’s never that good and he’s ten …

Budget is all

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I work mate purchased one of these a few months ago, he’s very pleased with it :+1:

My brother has just bought one of these and he’s using it over bluetooth to an old Bose sounddock, actually sounds ok.