BMW F30 Parking assistant?

Just got meself a s/h F30 320d. :grinning:

It’s stuffed with options, including the adaptive LED headlamp assistance (which is superb) and Parking Assistant.

Can’t make the parking assist work though - I’m probably doing something wrong :confounded:

Anyone else with any experience?

Just park like a cunt like you usually do :laughing:


…exactly, but I was kinda hoping it would help me to stop parking like a cunt!

Yes it automatically parks you across two parking bays… :+1:

I believe that in a BMW, this activates it.


I should have known better, shouldn’t I…:rolling_eyes:


Don’t what ever you do use your indicators!

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Except when trying to push in.

Blatant I have a new car, disguised as something else thread!

Great motor Jim, really impressed with it last weekend. :grinning: :+1:


Tut tut :smirk:

Sorry, motahhh :grinning:

Would be even better with a glottal stop, which I can’t think of a way of typing.

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Have never understood those BMW version names or engine codes, what the fuck is an F30 as it sounds more like an american fighter jet?

What is there to understand? They’re just model year designations. :thinking:

Ah so it’s a model F made in the year 30?

Yeah, you cabbage. That’s exactly it.