Bob's new wagon

Do you have a warranty on them, Jim?

My mazda was just 3yrs old with 26k miles when i bought it. Got a full bore mazda 2 yr warranty which expires march 2018. I plan on keeping the car until march '19. Unsure if I’ll buy a 3rd year (never have before) but high milage diesel can have big bills…

Normally only a 3 month 2nd hand car-dealer warranty Graham. Tend not to buy from main dealers because they are a lot more expensive.

I am very fussy when buying though, regarding the service history.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I’ve had no issues with BMWs - consumables only :+1:

You’re braver than me, i like a decent warranty… that ive never used. :roll_eyes:

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Too many exclusions and too much of a premium on most extended warranties imo.

Agree if looking at 3rd party ones. The mazda one i have is the same as if it was a new car inc full eu breakdown recovery. (of course i have paid more for this in the price of the car)

Its an interesting situation - you pick one of the most reliable brands out there and then pay a premium on top just in case it goes wrong! I think if you buy an Alfa then you’re likely to get value from a manufacturers warranty, far more so than on a Japanese car.

Yep, a 3 year old car from a main dealer will cost 33% more than a specialist end-of-lease used car seller.

Anyway, it’s very nice and comes in a nice colour with very comfy seats.


I paid £314 ontop of the cars price which seemed like a good deal. Road side revovery is £100ish a year anyway (and i got 2 yrs). It stops me worring so worth it to me regardless.

Can you slide them as far back as a Volvo’s ?


Never had a Volvo.

Have you had a Mazda RX-8 ?

Never, my life is not that fulfilled.


Mmm, some pretty unfavourable remarks about the C-Class reliability, which is a little ( lot ) disappointing. Looking for a new to me car, lowish mileage and 3 to 4 years old and had settled on the C-Class estate, on paper everything I need. Unfortunately it isn’t a company car ( retired ) so reliability, servicing costs etc. are important as they will be self funded. I always thought Mercs were reliable after reading of 120K+ miles without a problem many times.
Should it be back to the drawing board or continue as planned ? My old very uninspiring Toyota Avensis estate has never missed a beat and passed all MOT’s without advisories or any breakdown or failure. Bloody descisions, the Merc looks good, feels good but that’s no good if the garage sees it more than me. Any suggestions ?

3 series Touring :+1:

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Jaguar Sportbrake

Brown Volvo estate. Even better with the brown/ beige interior :+1:


Only thing my second hand 159 has needed in 4 years has been a new battery. Well, that and (being the TBi model) some petrol…:fuelpump:

Again, sample size of one does not indicate likelihood of reliability of the population of units sold…