Boiler leak

If it is going to flame failure after firing and running ok it is a combustion issue.

Most likely spark electrodes or gas valve. If it is gurgling like fuck on start up after locking out, then the trap is blocked with aluminuim silicate from the heat-ex.

Boils my piss this throwing new boiler in willy nilly.

I vowed I would never get involved in these threads, seems i can’t fucking help myself.


Where is the condensate drain connected into?

It’s not outside the realms of possibility that it could go into a gully or downcomer that is blocked.

It should all be in this guy’s paperwork tho.

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Don’t think it matters too much mate, @SAP7 has obviously decided that a new boiler is the way to go.

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We had a gutter fail above the flue on our boiler when the chimney came down 5 years back - pissed water and small lumps of masonry into the boiler. W-B engineer had to strip the whole thing down, clean the crap out and nail it all back together, complete with a new heat exchanger - i.e. situation was a lot worse than SAP’s. Point of the story being: you’re right and it makes no sense to scrap the existing boiler.

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If for no other reason that we need, actually must, get away from a throw away society.


But then again if @SAP7 can get a new boiler on insurance why not?

I wouldn’t go for an Ideal though, Baxi or Worcester have a better rep.

Ideal + this plumber sounds a bit worrying.

I got our heat only boiler 6 years ago - £1450. fitted.

One problem with main circuit board fixed in 24 hours under warranty.

Baxi 400 Heat

  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • Fits inside a standard kitchen cupboard
  • Works extremely quietly
  • Rear flue option for an even neater finish
  • Compatible with market-leading Megaflo Eco cylinder


Who bears the cost isn’t the issue, the principle still remains.


because his and our premiums go up to cover people replacing shit that doesn’t need to be done.


And apologies for going back to it, but if a house can run with a heat pump rather than a gas boiler then it is the responsible thing to do. A new boiler now will mean burning stuff for the next 10 years, getting the current one working will mean that a change of tech can be done properly.

Good point but it is 10 year old so inefficient and maybe merit there?

It’s 10 year old ffs. Lucky to have got this far!

boiler in my place is now 30 yrs old.

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But you love her :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

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It seems to have rather good efficiency figures

94% and A rated sounds pretty decent to me.

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Ours was 40 when we replaced it due to a fault, The gas bill plummeted tbf.

Yep, if I had a house where a heat pump made any kind of sense the gas boiler would be switched-off the next day (and kept maintained as backup…).

How do you know its the boiler? Doesn’t sound like his “chap” has done anything other than listen to it.

Gas pressures checked? Inlet? At the meter? Had it recently where the meter regulator was fucked.

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True, things like the walls being attached to the roof are a prerequisite for that.

Utter guff Sir!

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