Boiler leak

I stand corrected, piss happily being deposited into bucket :grinning:

If a gas engineer tells you he only fits one manufacturer then you can be pretty confident he has some kind of deal with them and it is in his interests to tell you your boiler is fucked.

You have, in my opinion, been given poor advice.


Phone Worcester and they will repair it and warranty the work.


It’s this or a new one on insurance if it’s done for.
It won’t come on at all now and even if the green light does illuminate it wooshes and bangs.
I’m tempted to repair it but it may be throwing money away ( if it is done for by water ingress then I suppose the aborted, attempt repair costs can be added to the the bill!).

Thanks for the opinions and some things to consider. I’d like a heat pump but right now I want a hot house asap. The former may need some research and wait times!

Fuck this, I’m sticking to driving tractors.


If it is making those niises it is either overheating or the heat ex is full of condensate.

Which I presume is fixable.
I think a call to my insurers followed by a call to Worcester seems ideal.
They can come out and let me know the actual diagnosis. Then I see if it’s a fix or flip.

To be fair to the plumber who popped in, he was trying not to charge me for a load of work up front and suggested I speak to my insurers to scope options as he pointed out a 15 year old unit might be best to move on if that was an option.

Get a new one the planet will forgive you.

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buy a couple of those small fan heaters from Argos and that will give you some warmth and time to investigate and fix without the pressures of having to constantly say to the mrs to “put a jumper on then”


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One of the benifits of never turning the heating on,is it currently feels quite tropical at the moment.


Worcester want 388 quid to come and repair.
The woman said that’s an all in price. Covers whatever.
I asked what I pay if it’s just bust and she wasn’t sure! Getting there…
Plus letting me know a couple of approved repair people local.

I do appreciate the advice. Wary of fixing someting that won’t last (seems this boiler wasn’t made after 2005. Maybe as the serial number can’t be found. The house wasn’t built until after that date).

W-B engineers are really good IME, and more importantly carry 90% of all spares with them, avoiding a pricey return trip. Our boiler needed a complete new heat-exchanger (which when it’s out looks like half the entire boiler) - no wait, no problem, all part of the service.

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Happy to fix and if they say it’s dead… I’ll claim.
The sad fact is you take heat for granted and when it’s gone you don’t have time to over think and plan.
16 degrees tonorrow says I’m safe for now.

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Pah! think yourself lucky :joy: ours packed up last winter when it was -12, and I had to mend it myself!

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Why? Couldn’t you get a Plumber?

No,it was an extremely busy time for plumbers.

Not strictly true ! :slight_smile:

You make a very valid point :blush: and I am extremely grateful for your kind assistance.

It took me right back to my days of working with ham fisted apprentices :slight_smile: