I thought that was weather compensation - there’s an outdoor sensor I can buy and plug in (then fit in the appropriate place obviously) to achieve that which isn’t expensive.

I’ll look it up when I get back from buying a plunger and see what it involves.

They are both similar principles. Load monitors the internal temp… weather monitors the external temp.

Remember when we meet and I will regale You with the nest/camera lie-in story.

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Are you going to be at the Lopwell weekend?



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Lopwell NORTH.

Shh, I’m going to Bognor for it.

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Is that like a dealer having someone else’s name with ‘North’ in it and then being surprised when people confuse the two?


Yes. Obvs.

Like Brighton ‘North,’ aka Hove

Hove is Brighton’s West End

Update on my supposed failed heat exchanger on the 7yr old Worcester Bosch which was detected on a service last month. A second opinion by a competent and trusted engineer today -

“The condense trap is full and blocked and not been cleaned in year. The milk bottle is the dirt from your magnetic filter not been cleaned in a long time ether.
The system could do with a flush.
I also inflated the pressure vessel as it was deflated down to zero”

He says now it’s been serviced properly it seems to be working fine. COWBOYS.

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I found a huge boiler nerd to service mine. Took him hours, and clearly he loved every minute - he was quite surprised when I didn’t want to stay and watch, and listen to him explain every last bit of what he was doing. There was similar inflation required, although less grot in mine!

He had developed his own detailed checklists that he used for every job, customised to each boiler model. All for £65 as well. He was great, so nice to find someone who really loves his job!

Edit: other people I’ve contacted re servicing have often said that there’s basically fuck all they can check or sort out, they’re best just left until they break, then you fix them if you can. Boiler nerd man is different.


i passed the worcester bosch factory the other day , massive place

fantastic , will you be having a flush sometime ?

I am pondering that. I need to ask him if it will prolong the longevity of the boiler. Despite what he says I can see the boiler failing in a few years (given that it appears to have had a hard life despite me paying for services).

There will also need to be a cost / benefit analysis.

I haven’t and won’t be paying for the service that was(n’t) done in June.

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I would have thought a flush through would be beneficial. If there was that much crap in the boiler there is probably a lot in the system too so that will end up back in the boiler blocking it up again.

They usually add some treatment to the water to keep it “good” - sure @A_Touch_of_Cloth will know what it is.

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What he said ^.

A 7 year old boiler really ought to give a good few more years service, especially now you’ve found someone trustworthy to service it. It seems a false economy to save a few quid now when a replacement boiler is going to cost a couple of grand.
Also bear in mind that a decent dose of inhibitor protects not only the boiler but radiators, motorised valves and so on which you wouldn’t necessarily have to fork out for when it’s time for a new boiler.

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It did have a full flush about 10 years ago. Some of the pipes are embedded in the flats concrete floor which I suspect are rusting causing the continued build up.