Border Patrol DAC?

Cool thanks Wayne, I’ll perhaps try plugging in a PC over the weekend. Extra half hour in my pit tomorrow morning as well so bonus on two fronts.
See you Monday.

Any more DAC diary updates? Still loving the BP?

The BP dac has gone back to Wayne, but got to say I really enjoyed my time with it and would gladly have one in my system, excellent piece of kit.

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Thanks Spider, just weighing up whether to go for a reasonably cheap S/H Metrum Octave or a Nad M51 (sub £500), or push the boat out for the BP or a DDDAC. Did you try it with a PC or streamer?

Be careful. I seem to recall that the USB implementation in some of those NAD DACs is very poor. I’ld have a good google about it if USB is important for you and you want the NAD.

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remember reading the same, I’ll most likely use spdif but a timely reminder.

I didn’t try it with my iMac only with CD player as a transport.
I’ve also had the chance to hear an older spec DDDAC, it was good but I preferred the BP.
There are so many different options with the DDDAC and I don’t know enough to add anything about that option to this thread. Perhaps someone with more knowledge could help you on the DDDAC options.

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Wouldn’t bother with a Metrum Octave - NOS but sounds flawed.

Either build a latest spec DDDAC or save your pennies for a BP.

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When I looked at the DDDAC options the BP DAC was around half the price.


I would like to try the BP DAC but I’m is 24/96 only and I have lots of hi-res 24/192 which I presume I wont recognise at all unless I downsample,

What do you play it on? Most players can be set to automatically resample as appropriate

I’ve played all kind of files and its recognised and played them all so far.

I use a Simaudio Moon renderer and an old Simaudio Moon DAC at present, which is en excellent setup given that it cost buttons.

No idea about that, it may not have the facility or the processing power.

The BP DAC may just ignore alternate samples, which won’t be the best but will probably work

I’ve no idea how it works. I have files on my NAS, the renderer passes them to the DAC. The DAC automatically recognises the file type and magically music (of a digital sort) appears. I’m keen to get a less digital presentation, hence the interest in a tuned DAC. Any mincing around to get stuff played is a total no-no though. Digital should be convenient…

Try and find a DDDAC. It’s cured me of my need to swap DACs every five minutes. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had the Moon setup for yonks. The DDDDAC stuff seems to be DIY which is also strictly not going to happen as my skillz would lead to a Fukushima type meltdown on the spot.

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You’ve lost a a bit of weight then? The tie is a bit OTT though…