Boys Toys (useless expensive shit)

Just bought a robot vacuum cleaner, absolutely no need in a 2up 2down house but is very cool :slight_smile:

How does it get up the stairs?

I pay a cleaner to do the stairs :slight_smile:

Can it work it’s way round half dead floor bound prone bodies?

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yep, has a special brush to clean up puddled drool.

Fucking excellent, bring it with you to the next bake off😀


you do know all the Roomba code is Open Source. You can hack about with it. We’ve got about three in our Robot House.

Are you crazy, you know they also make those killbots for the US military.

Have you not seen “war games” and Terminator wasn’t a documentary for you mad programmers :slight_smile:

My dogs would be freaked out by that. They hate the carpet cleaner more than I do.

robot house

its actually quite different now, as the sensor network had a significant upgrade over last summer. We’ve had people living there on and off for about 8 years now, with funded research programmes.

We always fancied a Roomba, but decided we’d need two and that the destructor cats would freak out

I bought a Magic Morning colour changing Coffee Mug. As a bonus all of my hair has grown back and my missus has been transformed into a sex-hungry vixen who wafts about all day in a loose fitting bath robe. Which is nice.


That is the face of a serial killer. Her’s is the face of an unknowing victim. Fuck, I just want to punch his face til that rictus smile has been obliterated and he’s drinking his own blood and urine from that mug. It is the face of a cunt. I do not like that face.

Phew! That’s better.

Whale foreskin stools - Thank you A. Onassis, you were a right thinking gent.

(Onassis also famously stored live lobsters in the pool for his exclusive
dinners and had the bar stools covered in sperm whale’s

What are the foot rests made from? They look suspiciously horn like.

Looks like something my Morris Minor driving dentist might have

The Dream Love Chair is a Korean design that combines the common
pastimes of sex and laziness. This innovation was first made for people
with physical disabilities that hinder them from enjoying the best
positions in sex. Today, it is one of the most common sex toys you’ll
find in luxury hotels in places like Japan. Its design is unique and
promises different sexual delights. $6,200

I had a similar looking push bike in the 70s

Did you manage to combine your bike with Sex and laziness?

No,failed on both counts.

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Nice to see romance is not dead. Can you get it in brown ?


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