Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option


Suella Braverman is being completely ludicrous and accidentally hilarious at the moment.


I see Daniel Kawczynski was out regurgitating McVey’s Euro nonsense earlier today. He really does find it a challenge to speak for more than a few seconds without promulgating some lie or other.


Nicky Morgan on the mushrooms. Again.


How many Liberals can you fit in a Bath?

All of them :slight_smile:


I was never for a moment convinced she’d had some sort of Damascene conversion to sense. As batshit as ever.


Ziggy Marley’s in politics now?


The bald bloke in the scarf - gammon personified!


The bloke from the LBC who reckoned that Brexit went wrong when May stopped listening to David Davis and started listening to Ollie Robbins? Feckin’ mentalist…



These people really have nothing to fear from decapitation



Why look for conspiracy when idiocy explains everything?


Got to love American right wing bloggers :slight_smile:


So these proposals on ‘No Deal’ Tariffs. Increasing the range of products subject to 0% tariffs is really going to help secure those precious trade deals we’ve been promised, not to mention the damage it’ll do to domestic manufacture or production in multiple business sectors.

The party of business. Fuck business (as Boris would say)


So the “no deal” NI plan is essentially carry on as is. The EU wouldn’t accept this as part of a deal but will make it work as part of a “no deal”.

The government also announced that it will not introduce any new checks or controls, or require customs declarations for nearly all goods moving from across the border from Ireland to Northern Ireland in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The decision to drop all checks to avoid friction at the UK’s land border with the EU will be temporary while longer term solutions are negotiated and was taken to recognise what the government described as "the unique social political and economic circumstances of Northern Ireland.

The government said tariffs will be payable on goods moving from the EU into the rest of the UK via Northern Ireland.


It will mean a lot of cheaper goods from RofW for an undefined interim period, with protection for farmers, car manufacturers and ceramics apparently. However, farming produce from the EU will be subject to the tariffs, so some food prices will increase.


But since there won’t be anyone at the NI border to check, these tariff payments will presumably be made on an ‘honesty box’ basis. I wonder if the UK govt will ask at least the largest retailers whether they’ve had shipments come in over the border, and from whom, and if they find those suppliers haven’t paid will send them an invoice ?



I gather there’ll be BMW & VW dealers in ROI rubbing their hands together.



I imagine so. The BBC says

Imports of cars from the EU will have a tariff of 10.6% applied, which would add £1,500 to a typical family car. Volkswagen has already said the cost would be passed on to the buyer.

But if you can just drive them across the NI border tariff-free and back across the Irish Sea on the ferry then I guess a few scallywags just might.