Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


The Irish border. Just like crossing from Westminster into Camden. Oh dear.

The reason he didn’t mention ireland in his big speech last week is because he clearly doesn’t understand the situation there.


Yes, it was awful listening to the cunt. I thought Sarah Montague was just going to say “fuck off you steaming bell end”


I’m not sure there is any situation that Boris has a real understanding of. He is mediocrity and naked ambition personified.


Apparently “technology” is the answer. Usually proposed by people who have no idea about technology. Basically ignorance and magical thinking.


But he is a product of our very fine and time proven public education system. He must be correct, the Tories are the natural leaders of our great nation. We underlings just aren’t bright enough to understand.


David Cameron was cut from the same cloth. Arguably the worst Prime Minister in living memory. (Although Queen Theresa may take that crown soon)


Me and BoJo, we’re the same :joy::scream:


I did think of you when I was posting. How is the Discourse plugin development going?


Liam Fox’s speech about Trade was awful. As full of non-sequiturs and delusion as BoJo this morning and Corbyn yesterday. He had a surplus of ambitions for the future in the shiny uplands of free-trade, and lots of hot air disguised as aspiration. I was particularly pleased to hear his plea that our future should never be determined by our past. Marvelous stuff. Makes me proud. I’m really looking forward to having all that free cake and eating it too (as per BoJo and Jezza too).

Sadly, there was no detail about how any of this would be achieved. I’d love to find out from any of these muppets where in the world Free-Trade actually occurs. Even compliance with EFTA/EU etc is costly.


Ah, nothing better than a customer who asks “can’t you just?”


I love his stuff about trading with developing nations. We can do this already within the EU, except they stop us selling some arms to some of them. Bastards!


Which ones? We seem to be able to readily supply all the despots who want our killing machines & crowd control equipment. Think of the jobs!


If only there was a large free trading block we could join :thinking:


Ian Dumcunt Shit was on R4 earlier to support Johnson. He reckoned the border could be run like a port where they just scan containers…


Yeah, it’ll be fine as long as everyone obeys the rules :joy:


I’m sure the EU will be happy to know that there’d be absolutely no way of getting hormone enriched beef or chlorinated chicken across that border & into their food chain.


According to this cunts daughter


Come Brexit Liam Fox will be on the first available flight to North Korea with cluster bomb brochures in hand.


BoJo seems to have plumbed new depths. Article here on the Torygraph details it:

That is behind a paywall so here is the short version from the Irish Independent:

The bit that galls me after his performance on R4 this morning is that he says “it is wrong to see the task as maintaining ‘no border’” on the island of Ireland after Brexit but rather that the the Government’s priority should instead be to “stop this border becoming significantly harder”. I believe Sky News have the letter.

There you go written instructions to rip up the GFA in the interests of Brexit.



Normally I wouldn’t give a fuck what that halfwit says but with May in charge she is so spineless and desperate to stay in power she would do whatever bojo, pob and lord snooty tell her.