Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Does he really think that we all believe he gives a fuck about the bulk of people in this nation?



Oh and Toynbee is a twonk as well and has been for years


I was talking recently to someone who works in the corridors of power. She said, bluntly, that there really is no plan. Our side is essentially winging it and we will end up having to take whatever the EU chooses to offer us, which they will only do to stop the wheels completely falling off here. We will be a good deal worse off and it will be very obvious that we are. After that whether we can improve things at all by starting to deal with the rest of the world remains to be seen. She was pessimistic about it.



Even a very basic first-year undergraduate economic analysis of the situation the Government finds itself in would suggest that we will be worse off under Brexit. From a welfare point of view a protectionist equilibrium is inferior to a free trade equilibrium. May’s admission of inhibited access is acknowledging this move to protectionism. ‘No Deal’ would be the ultimate in protectionism unless we unilaterally impose zero controls against the world which would devastate our industry and agriculture. These comparative statics ignore the costs of transition from one equilibrium to another which we know from the 1980’s are very serious economically and consequently socially.

If we are playing some Prisoner’s Dilemma game where we cannot cooperate to achieve the best outcome and so achieve the worst, then the politics are incredibly naive at best and utterly indefensible at worst.


B+ for High School History, but I think he has a point.


Excellent summary of the current situation in 12 tweets:


Nothing like cold hard fact to get your monday off to a great start: here’s as good a Brexit thread as you’ll find

Can live with less brevity? here you go:


LOL, just what we need - yet another tosspot far-right party with three members and an ex-UKIP failure as leader.

Funny to watch UKIP self-destruct now Farage has run away though.


We can still stop Brexit.


Oh dear god. People talk of the horseshoe effect, where the right go so far right and the left go so far left, that they bend round and come back to nearly touch each other. I’d say we are now beyond that, we now have Corbyn on the left and May so far right that political perineum Henry Bolton completes the shit encrusted furry hoop of despair perfectly. The missing link we never wanted right under the ball bag of cuntery where the double gang of May and Corbyn can now feel each others grunting thrusts of People WILL through the vaginal wall of Henry Fucking Bolton. .


You really have missed your calling as a Grauniad columnist :wink:



Negotiating these post Brexit trade deals is going to be so easy. Get to it Mr Fox!



The phrase "You can’t just scratch out ‘EU’ and put in ‘UK’ really does sum up the whole thing. And, it seems to me, just what the likes of BoJo, DD and the rest of the idiots seem to think will happen.


it does not really mater what any industrialist or service sector company say, our leaders are sure it will all be a simple fix. Britain will be great again. a great shit heap maybe, but hay ho off we go.
LISTEN to people you arrogant Tory arseholes.



I think it’s OK, ASTRA’s are made in the Windsor coach works. Heads of state and the Queen do not even gain access. To all intense and purposes it’s a bit like Vatican city. The Magna Carta is kept at the works on a luxuriant brown crinoline MKI front seat. Although there is controversy, it has been reported Jesus’s foreskin was placed in the apex of the rafters to shine down on mankind’s pinnacle achievement (The front suspension dept) All will be well


Not a problem,I will be one of the brexshit winners as my car has just doubled




sorry, I thought it had healed


You’re welcome.