Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



May ‘completely fucking useless’ on Brexit, says leaked EU report


Another reason we can stop Brexit.


Would hope so but wouldnt it be argued that the 2016 referendum gave them the authority?


I honestly don’t understand how any politician can think that the 2016 referendum gave a mandate for the changes now being proposed.

There were so many ‘misunderstandings’ in the campaigns - even the leave campaign said that we would stay in the customs union, for example. There was no coherent plan for what leave meant.

Once we actually know what leave means - ie have negotiated the outcome - then there should be a referendum on that, which would explicitly give the required powers to the executive.


Sadly all the people who voted leave on the basis of fuck all apart from their own prejudice or vague thoughts about what suits them, will just rant on about ‘will of the people’ with even less understanding.




No, I agree, we should get a vote on the actual deal rather the one that the leavers imagined we would magically get. I just think that any attempt to force the issue on this will get drowned out by the leave fanatics, and since there is next to fuck all leadership by any party then it’s difficult to see how this could be overcome.


I can’t imagine the dirty bum or daily fail getting on board. More likely they will romp and stomp the issue with bullshit nationalistic rhetoric.
Liberals need to grow a pair and bang the drum very very loudly starting with their own power message to deflate the “Take back control” banner of Brexit. Debunking the fanciful notion of people being empowered by Brexit is critical.
With this said the liberals also need a suitably charismatic and rational mouth piece to rally behind.


There are 3 ammendments on the cards, one relating to the imposition of a CU, one relating to the border with NI and the Adonis resolution (which I can’t see getting any support whatsoever). Any one of the 3 getting up will scupper the Brexit plans the Tory/DUP alliance are trying to deliver. If parliament supports any of these then the people will by definition have been empowered by Brexit as Parliament will have exerted its sovereignty. Clearly the CU and NI ammendments to the Trade Bill have the Govt stumped as (i) the vote has been repeatedly postponed and (ii) it cannot be a confidence issue as was being threatened by the Tory whips. Nothing can happen unless and until the trade bill passes, irrespective of our ‘negotiations’ with the EU. Chuck in the fact that the EU are saying a firm No to an agreement on services in any FT agreement meaning that the City are fuming and there is little chance that the Mansion House speech and the position it describes will survive more than a month.


Phillip Hammond :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Services = Free Movement of People.


Presumably, they are in the process of deciding between Paris and Frankfurt?



Even taking away the Euro clearing business, which has to happen for political reasons, will be a massive hit to the City. Any such hit will impact on perceptions of London as ‘Europe’s Financial Centre’.


A very good friend, who happens to be quite senior in a big American bank says that all the city firms have already put in place provisions for the big move out of London. They are not confident that a solution will be reached.


And the City, whatever you think of it, provides something like 10% of UK tax. Scary.


More doubtful behaviour in Parliament, particularly the snap SI. I wonder what they are trying to hide as it must be more than the obvious…


No. The advisory referendum gave them no “authority” for what they are doing. None.

Only parliament can give them the authority for these actions. There is also a clause that any loss of citizens rights (such as losing freedom of movement in the EU) should be backed by a referendum on those specific rights. The government are rail roading through legislation to undo that… Backed by Corbyn, of course. For the utter shame of it.
The next court case will be a good one. Jolion Moynaghan QC (or however the fek you spell his name) is going to tear them a new one.


Mr Hammond, having had his botty smacked by the EU’s negotiators says the following:

The EU is a very skilled negotiator. They’ve done this many times [before] - not precisely this, but they’ve negotiated agreements with many countries. They are very skilled, very disciplined in the way they carry out their negotiation. And it does not surprise me remotely that what they’ve set out this morning is a very tough position. That’s what any competent, skilled, experienced negotiator would do.

I am astonished that he says this given that the UK have few, if any competent, skilled, experienced negotiators, especially in the current regime who have been reamed at each and every turn, beginning with the DUP. :disappointed:

On the bright side, we’re clearly going to trounce the Yanks, Fijians, Venezuelans and Patagonians at competent, skilled, experienced negotiaton when we leave the EU and go to negotiate our future FTAs with folks whose legal systems and economies aren’t aligned for the last 40-odd years. :lying_face:

Hurrah for Brexit! :exploding_head:


2 small pedant points. The UK allowed FoM in its fullest form: the vast majority of the EU28, however, have a much more literal / more-restrictive interpretation of it.

Almost entirely missing from the EURef was why we simply don’t revert to what every fecker else does, and a post-EURef conversation with the person (largely) responsible for not rectifying the decision taken in 2004 (clue, she’s the PM.) Plus the further measures allowed by Cameron’s deal in 16, which went even further.

As for services: while I don’t think any of the off the shelf options work particularly well for EU27 nor HMG, it’s worth pointing out that EEA membership does offer a de facto SM for services, with no FoM (if we have the same offer the Swiss had) , no ECJ (though instead of Doctor Fox’s court of arbitration it’s the EFTA court instead) and no CAP / CFP.

I think it’s the one area where Barnier / EC are being a wee bit disengenious, as the EEA treaties allow for a brake on FoM (as in the same mechanism that Cameron got in 16.)

We’d be subservient to EU27 in the vast majority of matters, but - other than in Liam Fox’s tragically feeble mind – all available options involve subservience to something or someone, Shirley.

All the above is, of course, vastly inferior to what should actually happen: address the nation and tell the people weve dropped a proper bollock here, folks.


I agree with you, but tbh it’s not for the EC/Barnier to come up with better positions for us, that’s up to our government. The EC are coming up with stuff that fits in with our red lines, only we can move them.


Exactly the point. There is no FTA I know of that covers services comprehensively. The SM does cover services but then you have to deal with some form of freedom of movement.