Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy




I think you need to have some pragmatism in politics. Some of their policies are completely unworkable. Others, I flat-out disagree with.


It’s all been said imo, I’m slowly losing the drive to give much of a shit, wrong I know.
From a personal point of view, based on working in the manufacturing industry, I just need to know what sort of trade deal on goods we’re going to get with the EU - probably near identical to what we have now.
I accept my freedom has been reduced, that we will probably be worse off overall and that I’m a Libdem voter in protest.



Happy Brexit related news I never expected:

Because of the existing painting line in Luton.
Building a new (and fairly large) one in Poland or Germany is quite costly.
Happy for the workforce in Luton :grinning:




Courtesy of twitter user The Irish Border



As with most things that get blamed on the EU, the decoration of the UK fishing industry has little to do with the EU

The issuing of fishing licenses is undertaken by HMG, not the EC. That large (and non-UK) vessels have hovered up licenses is the cause of woe for the local ‘Polpero’ type of boat.

The fish we love to eat are mainly not in our waters so require access to others waters (enter quid pro quo)

The fish that ARE in the near-coast areas are mainly for export to the EU

Hard to see what can go wrong, isn’t it :worried:

But aye, let’s give Farrage airtime to spout his blocks, unchallenged

edit: my FUCKING phone. Sorry for the ghastly typos (and laziness for not having spotted them.) I’ve kept them in, for the shame


decimation ?


bollocks surely? It is Farage so it can’t be blocks


Behind a paywall unfortunately. House of Lords to vote on the Customs Union and looks like the Government to lose by 50 votes. Similar amendment to the Trade Bill has been avoided in the Commons by kicking the Trade Bill into touch. Good quote:

If the amendment were passed, it would fall to Mrs May to try to reverse it in the House of Commons in what would be crucial vote — possibly as early as mid-May. That could come after an expected meltdown for the Conservatives in local elections in London.

Interesting times ahead if this proves accurate as the current numbers (not in the FT article and I can’t find link at moment) suggest that the Tory Party would need their rebels and the DUP to vote down the CU to avoid defeat in the HoC, even if all the Labour Brexiteers crossed the floor (which is unlikely).


JD Wetherspoons shuts down its social media activity.

I liked this comment.

But, but…how will I get to know about all the special offers on badly microwaved food and barely palatable beer served by indifferent staff in a sticky-carpeted hovel full of unpleasant, Brexity wanksocks?


Erm, surely you just go to another pub - pretty much any pub - and all of those comforting normalities will be there waiting to welcome you.

The Great British Pub - can’t beat it.


Lords passed the Kerr amendment by 348 votes to 225 - a majority of 123. Government will have trouble avoiding similar defeat in the Commons now. Looks like we are headed for Brino rather than Brexit and a collossal waste of money and resources to achieve a fudge.


EDIT: I think the Government will try to abide by the letter and not the spirit of the amendment. This is almost guaranteed to cause war to break out in the Conservative Party (and possibly Labour). The ERG’s spokeman has suggested that all amendment votes in the HoC should also be matters of confidence. This indicates just how worried the Brexiteers are about all this.


They’ve just lost another HoL vote by 97 votes. This amendment (No 11) stops Ministers altering existing EU rights post-Brexit without primary legislation and/or heavy scrutiny. The proposed legislation was full of holes (Big surprise!) which would allow all sorts to go on at the wave of a pen (or quill if Rees-Mogg gets into cabinet).


The second defeat sounds more serious.

As far as the first one goes, if all I’m mandated to do is to report on the steps I’ve taken towards an objective that I’m not aiming to reach then I could discharge that mandate by standing up, reporting ‘None’ and sitting down again.

Or, slightly more constructively, I could tell the EU that I would like to stay in the customs union but a condition must be that I’m still free to negotiate independently with others. The EU would reply ‘Sod off’. I would then report back that I had entered into negotiations but that my conditions could not be reconciled with the EU’s conditions and we’d therefore failed to reach an agreement.



Yep, I agree with that. However, I think that any attempt to ignore this, which is what you describe, will lead to rebellion. More importantly, the rebellions are now repeated in the Lords and are substantial, as are the defeats. It is not unlikely that the proposed amendments to the Trade Bill, mandating the CU will get the support of the HoC when it is eventually voted on next month. This thread is interesting, if a little mad:


Gove’s grasp on reality becoming even more tenuous.