Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


So you voted for a rabidly pro-Brexit party whose leader was promising a referendum on Brexit just to fend off the threat of UKIP.

And now you’re whingeing about Corbyn?


Listen Cathy, the government and party leader’s position was to support Remain, so away with your revisionism.


A darned risky strategy when it was well known that the majority of the blue rinse party faithful were for leaving.

Sorry, the Tories still own the fucking shambles. All of it.

No one else can do anything to mitigate the damage they are doing until they are removed from office. So the strategy to achieve that most efficiently is what counts.


You can vote for a Brexit enabling party if you want to. I choose not to.


Well done.


Quite sad to see the number of people ideologically wedded to their party of historical choice, no matter how fucking dumb it makes them look.


The thing about 2015 is that everyone knew that it was just a sop to the Tory right, and there was no chance that Brexit would win!


Meanwhile, life moves fast for Daivd Davis.


Everything moves (too) fast for David Davis.


When you’ve nothing left, try an insult. :smiley:


Either that or fake quote someone. You pays your money…



Let me be clear, (as Theresa would also say) I think Brexit is a disastrous idea. Where we differ is in what the best strategy is to mitigate it’s effects & ultimately prevent & reverse it. Like it or not, at some point some way down the road, it will require another referendum. But not until it has become absolutely clear to a sizeable majority that it is a mistake. While that situation is slowly evolving and will continue to evolve as the project runs into increasing difficulty, we aren’t likely to get another referendum opportunity from this government. Brexit will either have to have happened or be in abeyance pending some extended transition period, while we have another GE. It’ll be during that GE campaign, probably in 2022 (unless the gov’t collapses beforehand) that opposition parties may make the case for the public to have another vote on it. But campaigning for a referendum now, especially while the outcome would still be in the balance, is simply a waste of energy and, as the article above makes pretty clear, would be risky from the perspective of trying to unseat the government prematurely.


But Guy, both Corbyn and McDonnell are massive Eurosceptics, so please tell me how that makes them better qualified to deliver this mythical second referendum, than say our current stupid Remainer PM who hasn’t the courage of her convictions?

The current Labour Party is in no way a refuge for disaffected Remainers.


I agree with Toryboy, meh.


Anybody who is campaigning for a second referendumb (sic) can get to fuck as far as my vote is concerned. We live in a representative democracy so I expect them to represent. Pushing the difficult/stupid/suicidal ideas onto referenda is a feckin’ cop out, and a recipe for at best social division and at worst disaster.

What pisses me off is that neither side has yet stated their position clearly. We don’t expect the opposition to do so usually, but the Government should know wtf they are proposing to do 300-odd days out from Brexit and should have told us. I’m still waiting to be told what kind of Brexit we are having.

They are all fucking useless.


I think that the first was a shit idea, but once it’s done then it should only be undone by a second referendumb, based on the more up to date details of the deal.


Brexit needs to much more draconian instead of us tying ourselves in knots trying to leave the EU whilst desperately trying not to change anything about our relationship with it.

With North Korea now trying to become part of the international community there is a gap for a nuclear capable, isolationist Country that can piss off the rest of the world. If that requires food shortages, economic hardship and zero tolerance policing then bring it on.:+1:


At this point in time, I don’t really care how it gets canned, as long as it does.


Absolutely agree. The only way I can see this happening is the current Government collapsing followed by a hung parliament where the balance of power is held by the pro-remain parties who would have to hold significant numbers of seats to have Labour over a barrel. This would require that Labour were willing to back down on Brexit, or at least boot the can sufficiently far down the road that is doesn’t happen for 10 years.

I’m not holding my breath.