Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Not mad at all: millions voted for the cherrypickings from his manifesto, painted Tory Blue, last time around


People buy people, they also buy brands.


This is why, one day, Stronzetto shall triumph!!
Keep the faith.
I am at this very moment speaking with the Russians and several porn stars…



Is ‘speaking’ another term for ‘viewing’?


They’re like a man staring at a book demanding that it sing him a song.

Great analogy


Any party that took 15 seats off both Labour and the Conservatives would hold the balance of power, all else equal. So given the balance of power, don’t enter into coalition but rather offer confidence and supply. Only the least controversial or least ideologically driven policies get up. Government by compromise could be a very good thing for a while.


“Capes, coke and hookers” available for rental shortly.


Last nights local results as a GE

It’d take more than 15 seats, but yeah I can see the math: just not the politics. Before Con / Lab can enter confidence and supply, they need to have their own house in order. Neither of them do, and barring a rout at the polls, they won’t for some time either.

Put another way - under what circumstances could the current Tory party enter into a C&S arrangement with a Dave Milliband led SDLP without Mogg bringing down the leader?


I doubt Milliband would offer C&S to a Mogg let Tory Party. It would need to be Rudd or one of the moderates. I would have thought that you’ll only see Mogg or the likes leading the Tories in an arrangement with the DUP. It’ll be interesting to see how they are viewed for imposing Brexit on a majority remain Norn Iron. They might suffer in the marginal seats next time around.


I doubt the DUPs would go near Mogg, him being a papist.


Correct. They’d be burning his effigy on a huge bonfire.


Sounds like an opportunity to cut out the effigy part.


This, from an In Limbo (EU citizens in the UK) member rather nails it


I believe people have become desensitized to the issue. The feelings of powerlessness and uncertainty are unpleasant and often not tolerated for prolonged periods. Distractions and time dissolve the issue further. I am still strangely unclear as to why a polar opposite of UKIP has not been borne. A one policy pressure group that could draw funds from businesses / banks, industry and the public with an interest in the UK remaining part of Europe from both home and abroad? Why is there not fund raising going on to fund troll farms / PR co’s, lobbying, celebrity endorsement, door to door discussion and legal big wigs spear headed behind a charismatic leader? - Send £5 now to:



Why are the gold, red and yellow labels abbrevations and the blue one is not?


It’s also not the forecast most pundits were using after these elections. But I’m amused that on the one hand Corbyn is being criticized for not doing well enough in Brexity areas like Derby and Nuneaton while on the other beng criticized for not being pro remain enough.


I think that’s why he is pretty much fucked on Brexit, his only option is to try and hold onto the line that says Labour’s job is to hold the Tories to account over their promises. The only problem with that theory is that sufficient of the electorate don’t give shite about Tory promises as long as brexit is acheived.

If he opposes Brexit he is seen as a hypocit by marginal seats voters, ,if he supports it overtly, he loses London.

You can see the fuck ups Labour create. OTOH they call a 3 line whip in the Commons last year to essentially support membership of the SM, yet in the Lords this year Corbyn refuses to call such a whip.

It will be a hard Brexit, almost by default. Rees-Mogg and his cohorts will, by and large, get their way.


I’ve thought it would be pretty much since the vote and it probably needs to be for people (ie those who voted for it) to see the real consequences of their choice. Whether that would be enough for them to choose a change of direction remains to be seen. There’ll be a prolonged phase of blaming doom mongering & naysaying Remainers for hindering its success first.