Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


The Trots just keep on banging on about i though.

Brexit has made EVERYBODY completely and utterly lost their shit.

Wind the clock back 5 years and ask the Labour membership if they’d quite like Scandi-style social democracy they’d have ripped your fucking arm off.

Now the only thing that will suffice is a full on Bolsivik revolution. Insane


I want this - With pastry and meatballs Tak.


I want the Lib Dems to hold the balance of power whowever forms the next government. Coalitions are better than landslides all day long.


Happiness is a good metric. I like Scandi


Both once studied under the steely Roger van Noorden (though not at the same time). So I wouldn’t put anything past them.



Why? They were worse than fucking useless last time. Vince Cable is not the answer to any question.


At least they were sane even if they were worse than useless. Consider the DUP this time (corrupt, inept, bigoted, barking mad religious zealots) and then imagine the sunny uplands of the Lib Dems offering confidence and supply only to a minority Govt.

Any Lib Dem who considers formal coalition should be sectioned.


Quite the kicking for May & Corbyn tonight !

It’s hotting up


The Lords are the biggest argument against democracy eh?!


Just imagine that some forward thinking types want to abolish the Lords. Talk about your elders and betters.


Paragraph of the day, courtesy of Ian Dunt

(Corbyn’s) …failure to support this (The HoL EEA) amendment is a betrayal of everything the Labour leadership say they stand for. They say they want a democratic party which reflects the will of its members, but 87% of Labour members want to stay in the single market. They say they have solidarity with immigrants and against the injustices of Windrush, but rejecting the Lords amendment ends free movement and throws three million European citizens into the chaos of Theresa May’s immigration system. They say they believe in workers’ rights, but they are demanding we leave the part of the European project which most protects them. They say they will defend jobs, but rejecting the EEA puts manufacturing and agriculture in particular at risk. They say they stand for the young but they ignore the 72% of them who say they want soft Brexit.




His insistance that there must be an entirely open border in Ireland and a customs border between one part of the UK and another. He rejects outright the common sence approach which was to extend the existing border for VAT, Duty and Migration that all happily operate without border checks. As an example, Guiness pay duty on exports to the UK based on paperwork and IT, not on border checks, their lorries don’t stop for customs checks. Does anyone seriously think that businesses are suddenly going to export across this border to smuggle tarriffed goods in either direction? Just counting the fucking lorries that roll down the roads would give that game up. the amount of trade that flows across this border is poxy, but that’s where he chose to draw the battle lines.

Rather than approach the issue with any degree of common sence, he uses it to make a point, a point not lost on the Remain camp who immediately jumped on it like bees round a honey pot. He nicely stirred up the DUP, it doen’t take much to get those fuck nuggets wound up and he acheived that with merit.

i am just making the point that he is not beyond dirty politiking, in that respect he is no different to any other politician.

Given that he represents the EU in a negociation where they will try and lever advantages, it is fair to assume he is not going to do anything to protect UK interests and do everything to destabilise and weaken the UK Governent in this respect.


Pretty decent summary of the omnishambles that is our current Government and the practical implications for negotiations with the EU.

Short version: If you understand the prisioner’s dilemma game you know what the author is getting at.




IBlimey. Plenty to chew at there, Bob

I don’t pretend to know much about VAT and excise duty on infra-EU exports, other than that it’s bloody complicated…to the point whereby I don’t know do what your suggesting barnier ought to offer.

Unless I’m hugely misunderstanding it, however, feels a little bit of a forest / trees issue

HMG has decided that Brexit requires us to leave the single market, the customs union and not enter into any of the several pre-existing cooperation arrangmentns which allow for an ECJ role.

The current ding dong over a customs union is a bit of a red herring, TBH. Any border management along the lines of what everyone - EU / Ireland / UK - say they want us always inherently political , therein requiring a regulatory regime - esp with regard to agriculture-related products, produce, rules of origin, VAT, and so on.

Customs Union or no Customs Union, the single market requires that all goods entering into it meet the necessary standards and requirements, so by (a) rejecting all the established mechanisms while (b) offering sweet FA as regards workable alternatives, Barnier can only follow his clear mandate, which is to protect the integrity of the single market, and those goods entering into it.

To take your Guinness argument, i’d have thought VAT is the least of their concerns as their supply chain for both Guinness and Bayleys criss-crosses the current border umpteen tines, and will be a complete mess post-Brexit. If that means the end of Baileys that would though be a small victory for deceny.

It might well be that you believe fudging VAT is a solution, but no Member States agree with that position…which has been clear for years now.

I don’t think Barnier is beyond criticism, BTW: I just don’t see how he can solve a conundrum entirely of our own making without smashing his remit from the Member States.



Photograph to announce the promotion of Reichsmarschall Rees-Mogg.

Nicked from FB obviously…


If Barnier’s problem is only related to goods entering the EU then he can insist that Eire implement boarder controls to manage that. Not an issue for the UK. The opening gambit with him should be that the UK will change nothing on the N Ireland border, knock your socks out if you want to pop border controls up in S Ireland.