Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy




It was in response to Craig, the example he used was goods entering the EU from the UK across the Irish border. The UK can already deal with goods and people coming the other way. I fail to see what Barbier’s issue with the UK is on this matter. If the EU wants to put border controls in they can knock their socks out.


It is simply a silly thing to say.

It is wrong to think about this as an Irish border issue in terms of the trade negotiations. It is the only land border between the EU and the UK, it is an EU-UK border issue. Are really suggesting that it makes sense for the EU to impose border controls and customs checks at all ports and points of entry. Brilliant idea for JIT supply chains in the UK as the trucks stack up at the ferry ports etc. It won’t be great for the EU either, but the additional short-run costs they bear will be offset by the gains from industry relocation and supply chain adjustments.

Also, once you’ve set the tone for the negotiations by saying ‘Go on, build a border’ what do you think happens to UK service providers (particularly Banking and Finance) when their cases are heard. The EU simply say ‘Non, Nien etc’ and the greater portion of the economy takes a hit. Trade in good with the EU is dwarfed by trade in services, or put it another way, the majority of the jobs are in services.

On the other hand, if you want to deal with the politics of the Irish border, saying ‘Go On’ to the EU is tantamount to the repudiation of the GFA, which is an international treaty lodged with the UN. Great way to start treaty negotiations with the rest of the world, especially if things kick off up there.

Saying ‘Go On’ to the EU as a negotiating tactic is the kind of joined-up thinking that will lead to the UK economy taking a catastrophic hit. Thankfully, HoC numbers are against the Government on a cliff-edge Brexit so stupidity, idealism and crass ignorance will not have a free run unless that fecker Corbyn messes that up too.


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They will on this forum though


Are we charging for stupidity now? If so, @TMC is on to a real money maker with that one. Crass ignorance is probably a winner with the Schumman-foo crowd too.


Harsh. Schumann waves make far more sense than Brexit.


Schumann devotees comprehend what it is to be grounded in truth

listen to your Dr. Naysayers - take your medicine.




Nope is the simple answer to you. The question is what type of border control do you want across our only land border with the EU given the need to maintain an open border with the South.

The EU are playing havoc with this, they are doing so on purpose, to think they are doing otherwise is quite frankly naive. It is patently obvious that technology can be used on that border to resolve any trade issues across that border. That technology is already being used to manage differences in Duty, VAT and for migration purposes. The solution on that Border is fairly straightforward, its not as if either the EU nor the UK does a fuck ton of Trade across that Border. In the grand scheme of things, it is small beer.

It is the EU that conflates the simple solution for that Border with the more complex solutions required elsewhere. That is precisely the game Barnier is playing and why I accused him of stoking those particular flames in Ireland. His suggestion that the UK put a Border between N Ireland and the rest of the UK was a red rag to a bull, fucking disgraceful behavior from him.

I am no apologist for the Tories, but I do recognise the EU for what they are in these negotiations; they are certainly not acting in anyone’s interest other than their own, as expected.


You are entitled to your opinion Bob. I’m pleased you’re not involved in the negotiations though.


Oh thankyou very much for the recognition of my entitlement to have an opinion that differs, I doff my cap to thee sir.

As for being in the negotiations I somehow doubt that neither you nor me would be allowed within a country mile of them, I shall be equally please about your lack of involvement.

I would still quite happily take a 10p bet that N Ireland does not remain in the CU or the SM, that there will be no border between it and the rest of the UK and that the UK will not conduct border checks in Ireland over and above what it does now.

In the meantime this take on it would have May depend on the Labour moderates.


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Bob, that is patently and obviously untrue. Had it even a sniff of truth, the government would have presented their case long since. They haven’t because they cannot. Nobody else has such tech anywhere near mature, as the HoC Brexit Norn Iron Committee proved earlier this year.

Even the most swivel eyed Max Fac whackjobs have gone from saying “tech will solve this” to “tech will solve this beyond question, at the appropriate juncture, in due course, in the fullness of time.”


I’ve been doing some serious skiving today, so here’s a roundup of the day’s good click-click stuff (esp. the first one in the FT)

It’s also a little possible that Bob might not give the second one his full-throated support.


Nuclear shambles


That explains where the red bit in the Red, White and Blue Brexit went.


This is symptomatic of the Brexit problem that annoys me the most: competence, or the lack of it

I could disagree with a Brexiteer til we’re both blue in the face: as much as find it nuts, they’re no less entitled to their opinion than I am.

But HMG is simply not entitled to tackle the Brexit challenge with the eye-watering incompetence with which they have done thus far.

It’d be a tall order, of course, for even the best laid-and-executed plan…but this is making Suez look like a typo