Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


It might not be better Brexit, comrade, but can you not already feel the warm glow of the coming revolution ?


Wouldn’t need any trade deals under Corbyn as we’d be working and living as a collective with our sole trading partner being Russia for potatoes.


And it will be glorious comrade…



What a worthless, nothing story.

As big a cunt as Nigel Garbage and his party are, this really is of no consequence.


Here or Cockpunch?
Little difference…


and take your fecking daughter with you


Meh, what else would you expect of him?

Equally, if we had remained then nothing would have been said about rich people buying second homes in the EU using the freedoms accorded to all, but only actually available to the rich.


I presume this policy is designed to fire up Arlene for the Marching Season. I almost hear the UlsterSaysNo orchestra tuning up already.

Meanwhile, it further news about Delusion in Government:


Any truth in the rumour that Arlene’s gaff lies within Davis’s proposed new buffer zone (DMZ) ? :grinning:


fxt, cos that’s the way I read it first



Seek professional help immediately, you are clearly very disturbed and so the rest of us don’t really need to suffer the hideous imagery fuelling your fap-fantasies.

Also, see an optician.




The shit-stirring witch


I am forever grateful to this parish for answering many of life’s conundrums. I was particularly piqued to learn Sade’s minge bares a remarkable resemblance to a pecan nut - The foster gash really displayed little in the way of creative deduction, certainly it looks like



Rather closer to the truth I suspect.


Unfortunately there’s a bone in there, there will always be those that won’t and those that …