Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Both brilliant stories


Fuck off Dave, things are bad enough as it is without you sticking your useless oar in. Stick to your International Rescue gig in New York.




He is right though.


Yes I agree but on the other hand: Milliband.


True, still doesn’t trump Brexit though.


Jeeeeeesus Christ!!


It’s all just so fucking depressing.


I don’t believe Gove,Johnson,Rees mogg etc have the balls to be PM at the moment,none of them have the balls to do what they are spouting from the sidelines


They certainly don’t have the brains, either


If Gove takes over it really will be time for the Benny Hill music :joy::joy::joy:



Cunt should be done for treason


Just waiting for the “it would have been great if May had only listened to us,she did Brexit all wrong”


That’s bound to come at some point


I cannot imagine it’s not already been rolled oit


Is this going to be like The City and the City?


I don’t think you’ll have long to wait now


It does look like the clouds* are gathering

*actually, cunts


Having avoided twatter and the rags all weekend, I’m catching up a wee bit.

I was particularly surprised to see DD having quietly (well, nobody told me) kicking his / the Brexiteers darling, ground-breaking border tech, into the long grass.