Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


So, Parliament to debate all 15 amendments on the EU Withdrawal Bill in one sitting on June 12th. After doing the square root of feck all for months, it all has to be done in one long sitting.

There is an abiding sense of panic, cluelessness and farce from the Government. This could be very interesting.


I assume May is going to channel her DUP partners, and just bellow “Noooooooooo” like a wounded bull.

Chances of Corbyn prancing and dancing round her like a matador, jabbing and stabbing to taunt the dying animal? Yeah right.


This is the city of Béal Feirste. Béal Feirste is an Irish city. The population are mostly Roman Catholic. They enjoy drinking and having a good time. Same-sex marriage and abortion are legal in Béal Feirste. Béal Feirste has no border with the EU, but has a hard border with the United Kingdom.

This is the city of Belfast. It is in the same place as Béal Feirste. Belfast is a British city. Its mostly Protestant population enjoy shouting “NO!”, marching and going to Church. Same-sex marriage, abortion and most kinds of sex are illegal in Belfast. Belfast has no border with the UK, but has a hard border with the EU.

There is no border between Béal Feirste and Belfast. The UK and EU Governments politely request that citizens of each city continue to pretend that the other one doesn’t exist.

Not much change, really.


There will be a great wall of Ireland. :scream:


and the Mexicans will pay for it!



There’s different kinds?


Jon Tompson’s calculations about Max Fac are here. Interesting to note that the £15-£20 Billion doesn’t include the costs of being stuck in Dover or Calais in your truck when the shit hits the fan.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this shit up. Or, perhaps more accurately, when in Government you shouldn’t make shit up.


You could make it, you can make anything up. Whether any fucker believes you or not is another matter…



Should read New vinyl. Second hand dealer Scumbags (Proudly the most cuntish) are excited by the potent of Brextard when the £ takes a bath and Euro/USA/ASIA man decides it’s time to loot black gold.

Gimmie that yankie dollah


No, no. The whole point of Empire2.0 is that we go back to looting them. Not the other way round :roll_eyes:.



When given lemons make lemonade.




Will we be able to afford lemons?


You are an enemy of the people. Death by Gammon is the current sentence recommended by Judge (and jury) Dacre.


in my reasons to vote remain, tarrif free records was number three. In ten months time the post office gets to wallet rape me on tax collecting admin charges for EU records as well as US imports.


Labour has announced their plan for the post-Brexit relationship with the EU. Operation Fudge is the politest description I can give it. The Tory rebels will never vote for it as it is a Labour Front Bench thing.

We’re fecked.


Shit starting to get real:


One of the great tragedies of this is a lot of the consequences are irreversible. Even if the great and the good gave themselves a good thwack to the side of the head and somehow we rejoined the EU in the next 5-10 years:

  1. Contracts will have been lost and businesses folded.
  2. There is absolutely no way the EU would let us rejoin with the same special allowances and vetoes that we enjoy today.