Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Spot on.

Also I think new countries joining now have to convert to the EU.


I think despite the protestations of Ms. Sturgeon, you are correct.


Yup, he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing, the trot cunt


Confirmed by Starmer this morning on Radio 4. PLP too divided to support EEA.

Jesus wept…


The Labour Party has always been divided - it only works when it has a leader that is sufficiently popular to cause the dissenters to shut up as they might actually get into office. (Then they just quietly undermine things!)

I am seriously questioning whether I can vote Labour for many years, given their performance here.


Can see the libs or greens doing well at the next election


The LibDems are not very good at politics; see their ‘u-turn’ on tuition fees as the prime example. You see, when you have one perceived fuck-up, everyone remembers it for all time and beats you to death with it regardless of the circumstances that led to it.

If they were smart they’d have been fucking-up left, right and centre. So many times in fact that it all gets a bit blurry and no-one cares any more. A bit like Cons/Lab.


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Confirmed by Starmer this morning on Radio 4. PLP too divided to support EEA.

Jesus wept

It seems they don’t have the votes to get the Lords amendments through the HoC so I have (grinds teeth) a wee bit of understanding for Starmers position, but…

The vast majority of MP’s on both sides of the house know this is utter madness.

I’m at a complete loss, TBH.

A Remain leader of Labour could and would make a difference, but Corbyn’s going nowhere. Yes, the Labour Party is divided but - and this applies to the Tory’s as much as labour - the majority of MPs (and in Labour’s case, the membership too) are not supportive of any variation of Brexit.

That there’s not now greater clear water between remain and Brexit voters is completely and utterly beyond my comprehension. Corbyn is focused on winning the next GE: only when the numbers add up will he, HOPEFULLY, change his tune. I’m not holding my breath though


If most people didn’t say “who are they”. I would agree with you. Their current leader has been a man of mystery, utterly overshaddowed by May, Corbyn, Brexit and just about anything else.


Next election is 2022 (if no Tory meltdown). I can still see the only issue being Brexit, in this case who is best able to manage the UK in a post Brexit world. TBH, I couldn’t give a rats fuck if it was Corbyn or Johnson (if he is indeed their Leader by then). The Libdems should have a new Leader in place, so might take a look at them.


The problem with the LibDems, and I speak as a relatively new enthusiast, is they are starting from too low a base to have any meaningful impact in the traditional 2-party system. The Greens have too many outre policies to be popular nationally.

The only revolutionary (in all senses of the word) outcome we could possibly have in the medium term would be for Remain MPs from the Tories and Labour to split off and form a new party. We’d possibly be in the realms of hung parliaments for years to come, and I no longer necessarily see this as a bad thing.

This would require enough MPs to grow some balls though, and there seems like little chance of this at the moment.


Out of interest Mark, is Chris Leslie your MP?


It used to be Ken Clarke, then we got shifted from Rushcliffe into the Newark constituency before the 2015 GE. It’s a bloke called Robert Jenrick.



Never heard of him. But he does have a lot of pics of David Cameron on his home page! Presumably he hasn’t met Theresa yet.


I haven’t paid a lot of attention to him, and I suspect he’ll be a Central Office nodding dog for years to come. His Twitter is full of frippery and insubstantial toss. I was understandably miffed at losing KC as our MP.


Incidentally, is anyone else as concerned as I am about this #Peoplesvote thing?

I mean, we’ve already seen writ large how disastrous the effects of direct democracy have been to date. It’s surely why stuff like X-Factor and Love Island were invented, to keep the masses tidily away from intervening in matters of importance.


But, but Stronzetto must blossom !


AA strapline…


As in ‘What shiny brand new second hand frippery have you bought today’?