Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Whats the #peoplesvote thing?

I think you have my answer :slight_smile:


Peter Cook made a very funny satire about direct democracy back in 1970. As I recall it ended up with the populace being so fatigued by referendums on every subject that they gladly handed full control to him.


Terrific and scary film


Hugely concerned !

Don’t ask the question if you don’t want the answer has always been the case. Trump, Brexit, none of these wtf’ers were expected and, as covered before, I fear that unless parliament Man’s the fuck up, they’ll get the same answer until the whole thing’s gone to total shit.

And as you yourself have said, by then it’s far too late


Yep, referendums (referenda??) are something to be sparingly used. We live in a representative democracy where our politicians should take responsibility for the difficult decisions and not outsource them to some nationwide coin flip. Next thing you know people will be suggesting the problem is with the representative democracy and not the representatives themselves.


I used to think that of course a referendum was the best way to achieve good democracy, and that with improved technology we would be able to achieve great results from regular large votes. I have completely reversed that view!


I still think refs are worthwhile,but only when people have a clue what they are choosing


I agree, but even then it can go horribly tits up.

Here in DK we had a referendum in 2015 on the Danish opt outs in judicial cooperation, including Europol.

Surprise surprise the referendum debate was about everything under the sun OTHER than the opt out and populist nonsense resulted in dk leaving europol cooperation, which nobody wanted, and all the whack jobs said would never happen


This is fine in principal but the current ease of transmission of disinformation makes even a clear issue potentially very difficult. Just have a trawl through some of the shite flung around during the recent votes on Marriage Equality and Abortion in Ireland. There are certain circumstances where a referendum is an absolute necessity, but otherwise I would rather that parliamentary democracy obtained.





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Summer jobs for the Rees Mogg kids


A grab from the Grauniad a wee while ago.

Cummings is undoubtedly a cockwomble, but he doesn’t half write brilliantly, and - apparently - has quite the sense of humor


i thought the post refered to this

essentially another referendum on EU membership.