Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy





Love Barnier’s quote:

“Backstop means Backstop”

He then went on to trash yesterday’s proposal without actually rejecting it:

“The temporary backstop is not in line with what we want or what Ireland and Northern Ireland want and need.”

It has gone down a storm. Expect lots of swivel-eyed angry Gammon foaming at the mouth on the Sunday Morning TV with this kind of narrative:

Although, in fairness to Hugh Bennett he is not Gammon. He is a lunatic though.


You’re too kind




“The temporary backstop is not in line with what we want or what Ireland and Northern Ireland want and need.”

Another Barnier classic. No recognition of the UK, confirms that the EU is a separate negotiating entity to Ireland and assumes he knows what is needed.


The clue was in the word ‘temporary’.

I suspect that NI needs to have a referendum about whether it wants to be united with Eire or remain part of the UK. I think they might now choose the united Ireland option which would then put the border down the Irish sea.

But if you’re objecting to what Barnier is saying, what’s your proposed solution?

At the moment we have the situation with Arlene, on the one hand insisting that NI be treated the same as the rest of the UK while on the other insisting that women in NI shouldn’t have the same rights as women elsewhere in the UK.


Given that Northern Ireland voted strongly to remain, I think Barnier is more in line with what they want than a DUP strangled Maybot or the weekend warrior Davis.


If you can’t have your cake and eat it when you’re supporting a minority government in disarray, when can you?


A handy guide to next weeks fun and games in the Commons

Amdt 51 will be interesting for Corbyn and will no doubt expose the Labour divisions.



This really is brilliant


The Mail is for U-turning?


Mail on Sunday has always had a contrary pro EU position quite different to the daily paper. But it’s editor has now moved to the daily so it’ll be interesting to see if the Daily Mail’s stance changes.


Amber Rudd and Quiet Man urge Tory rebels not to vote down the Government. Would be funny if some of the votes were only won thanks to Labour rebel support.


It’d be good if they just voted for what they thought was best for the country ie as they are supposed to.


He doesn’t start until November. Dacre is still in charge at the Daily Heil.




Pre ref count was

":: 480 MPs said they would be voting Remain, including 184 Conservatives

:: 159 MPs said they would be voting Leave, including 139 Conservatives

:: 11 MPs were undeclared, including four Conservatives

This gives Remain a notional Commons majority of at least 310.

Some 218 Labour MPs said they would vote Remain while just 11 backed Leave.

All eight Liberal Democrat MPs intended to vote Remain, along with all 56 SNP MPs, all three Plaid Cymru MPs, all four Sinn Fein MPs and all three SDLP MPs."

I suspect those 11 Labour Leave voters won’t have to dip into their pockets at the Commons bars next week.

I don’t know what the Labour whip is on the votes, will have to wait and see I guess.